protest in Srinagar



        A National Alliance of People’s Movements delegation was detained at Srinagar airport on the morning of 4th October, 2019 by the District administration of Badgam and then sent back to Delhi. Individual notices in the name of three activists issued by District Magistrate of Badgam say that there was an apprehension that these activists would organise a protest in Srinagar on the issue of abrogation of Article 370 which could pose a threat to law and order and hence their entry into Jammu & Kashmir was being restricted till further order. A J&K officer was confused about why should people be sent back from Srinagar airport. If the government doesn’t want them to enter J&K why doesn’t it stop them when they are boarding their flights to Srinagar? Before the momentous decision was taken on 5th August, when tourists were being sent back, in the end when one of them remained, a 225 seater plane was sent by the Indian Air Force with one passenger! Isn’t it squandering tax-payer’s money? The NAPM delegation was planning to visit J&K for two days and wasn’t planning to organise any protests or hold any meetings. It was merely planning to meet some common people to find out what hardships they were subjected to because of the various restrictions imposed on the people of J&K. While the Union government is claiming and the Prime Minister has declared in several languages from Houston that ‘everything is all right,’ that is clearly not the case otherwise why should the government have to maintain the clampdown even two months after the decision taken to abrogate Articles 370 and 35A as well as division of state of J&K into two parts, downgrading both of them to union territories. There would not have been a need to prevent groups like NAPM from visiting J&K. All means of communication, except for land line phones, are inoperational. Newspapers, except for one ‘Brighter Kashmir, which was spotted at the airport, are not being printed. The government is desperately trying to open the schools in Kashmir Division but parents find it difficult…