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Farmers participation in coming Assembly elections: a very sensitive issue

On Punjab elections and farmers participation I have not been very active on Facebook or other social media since few weeks, except sharing links of some good articles/news or sharing some old memories or wishing some friends on their birthday. As I am tied up in submitting a manuscript, whose schedule time has long crossed, so trying to discipline myself. But with all the constraints of time, I do wish to share my views with large number of friends and likeminded people on an issue, which is very crucial in coming days and times. This issue concerns farmers participation in coming Punjab Assembly elections, may be in other states -UP and Uttarakhand too, but primarily in context of Punjab. This is a very sensitive issue and lot many people are concerned about it, who have been supporting farmers struggle for their rightful and just demands and have stood in solidarity with them! These views are subject to open discussion, may be critical too, but not for abusive or irresponsible commentary. The issue is whether farmers should directly contest these assembly elections? As 22 out of 32+2 organizations as part of Sanyukat Kisan Morcha have formed a new platform namely Sanyukat Samaj Morcha (SSM) and decided to contest elections on all 117 seats of Punjab Assembly. While in electoral democratic system or Parliamentary democracy, anyone, fulfilling conditions and eligible to vote has a right to contest. But this right is theoretical or just on paper. The kind of parliamentary system has developed in India from 1952 first Parliamentary elections onwards or even during the British colonial period, it needs to be evaluated objectively and critically, that how much chances of success in this system is there for farmers, workers or lower-income classes or oppressed sections of society. Not only in independent India, some form of parliamentary elections is legacy left by colonial rulers. There was Central Assembly and provincial assemblies during British colonial period as well. Especially after Govt. of India Act 1935, the elections were held all over India in 1937 for eleven provincial assemblies as well as Central assembly….

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Long live the Punjabi farmers: Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju ”Let the sleeping giant sleep, for when he awakes, the world will tremble“. The above statement, attributed to Napoleon, was regarding China, but the same can be said regarding India today. With its huge population of 135 crores, and its large pool of technical talent and immense natural resources, India was till now, like Kumbharna, a sleeping giant, an underdeveloped country, which was often kicked around by powerful nations. But the ongoing farmers agitation, which has overcome the main hurdle to our progress, our division and disunity on the basis of caste and religion, which was shamelessly exploited by our crafty politicians to polarise our society and spread caste and communal hatred for vote banks, has been shattered. The farmers have united us, keeping our selfish politicians at a distance. The main credit for this historical achievement goes to our brave Punjabi farmers, who by their indomitable spirit, undaunted by all obstacles, undeterred by all trickery, unflinching in their determination, and steadfast in their resolve, have shown the way to farmers in Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradedh, south Indian states and elsewhere in India, and also to the industrial workers, patriotic intellectuals, and others. I was earlier despondent about whether the sleeping giant will ever awake from its deep slumber and shake the world, whether we will ever get over our disunity, because of which all progress was lying stalled. But now my spirit has revived, and I am now confident that in 10-15 years India will be radically transformed into a mighty, highly industrialised, and prosperous country, which is its rightful place in the comity of nations. We have still a long, arduous, march ahead of us, but the correct beginning has been made The credit for all this must go to the great Punjabi farmers. Long live the Punjabi farmers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVjMtX058_4