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In wake of COVID-19 spread, ICAR issues Advisory to farmers for Rabi crops

New Delhi, 01 April 2020 : The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has issued following Advisory for harvesting and threshing of Rabi crops and post-harvest, storage and Marketing of farm produce in the wake of COVID-19 threat: Harvesting & threshing of crops Amidst the threat of COVID-19 spread, the rabi crops are approaching maturity. Harvesting and handling of the produce including its movement to the market are inevitable as the agricultural operations are time bound. However, famers are to follow precautions and safety measures to be taken to prevent the disease spread. Simple measures include social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene by washing of hands with soap, wearing of face mask, protective clothing and cleaning of implements and machinery. Workers to follow safety measures and social distancing at each and every step in the entire process of field operations. Harvesting of wheat is approaching in several northern states through combine harvesters and their movement within state and between states has been permitted. Precautions and safety measures of workers engaged in repair, maintenance and harvesting operation is to be ensured. Mustard is the second important rabi crop, manual harvesting is in progress and threshing is due wherever already harvested. Harvesting of lentil, maize and chillies is in progress and gram is fast approaching. Sugarcane harvesting is at peak and is also time for manual planting in the north. Measures of personal hygiene and social distancing to be followed by those engaged in harvesting of all field crops, fruits, vegetables, eggs and fishes before, during and after executing the field operation. In case of manual field operations of harvesting/ picking, accomplish the operation in 4-5feet spaced strips assigning one strip to one person. This will ensure adequate spacing between the engaged labours. All the persons engaged should use masks and ensure hand washing with shop at reasonable intervals. Maintain safe distance of 3-4 feet during rest, taking of meals, transfer of produce at collection point, loading/unloading. Stagger the field operations wherever possible and avoid engaging more number of persons on the same day. Engage only familiar persons to the extent possible and…