Modi and Trump in Howdy Modi at Houston

Howdy Trump : The wall of contempt and hatred

US President Donald Trump is coming to India during February and Gujarat is ‘preparing’ to give him a ‘grand’ welcome at the Sardar Patel Stadium where about one lakh fifty thousand ‘deshbhakts‘ will be brought…

JNU Violance

JNU violence must be investigated by a judicial commission.

Delhi Police’s press conference on the JNU issue yesterday was deeply disappointing though not surprising given the nature of the political pressure on the police and ‘ready to do anything’ variety of officers violating commitment to the constitution of India.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Fearlessness is the poetry of revolution

IIT Kanpur‘s decision to form a ‘committee’ to ‘investigate’ whether Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s Nazam ‘ Hum Dekhenge, Lazim hai ke hum dekhenge’ i.e. ‘we shall see’ , constitute anti Hindu prejudices as it was being…