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#Breaking: Top headlines of India today. The latest breaking news in India | 12 August 2021

“Outsiders Brought In To Manhandle MPs, Including Women”: Opposition “Today we had to come out here to speak to you (the media) as we (the opposition) are not allowed to speak inside Parliament…. This is the murder of democracy,” Rahul Gandhi. Activist Saket Gokhale joins TMC today. “The #TMC is the second-largest opposition party in Parliament and it has been my obvious choice,” Saket Gokhale said. Spyware: Rights experts push for surveillance technology moratorium A group of UN-appointed experts on Thursday called for a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology, warning against the danger of allowing the sector to operate as “a human rights-free zone.” Taliban move closer to the capital after taking Ghazni city Afghanistan replaces army chief as Taliban continues to advance. Congress Says Twitter Account Locked: “Modi Ji, Just How Afraid Are You?” Twitter locks Congress party’s official handle, 5000 accounts also locked. Twitter locks Congress party’s official handle, 5000 accounts also locked ‘Following own policy or Modi govt’s?’ Priyanka Gandhi hits back at Twitter. Coronavirus Live Updates: 41,195 Fresh COVID-19 Cases In India Covid-19: India reports 41,195 new cases, 490 deaths in 24 hours. Hindi Movie News – Bollywood | Shilpa Shetty, mother Sunanda booked for fraud in Lucknow Fraud case: UP Police serve notice at Shilpa Shetty’s residence, issue stern warning. Times of India reports. Justice RF Nariman Retires, Chief Justice Says “Losing One Of The Lions” False narratives and misconceptions about judges need to be refuted: CJI Ramana. The Indian Express reports. Bengaluru: 300 children affected by Covid in six days Nearly 300 Children in Bengaluru Tested Positive for Covid in 6 days, Officials Fear Number May Rise. Meda reports. In the news: Lionel Messi, Donald Trump, Giphy, Facebook, NASA, Poland, FC Barcelona, School, Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Ohio. Topics – Top 10 headlines this night, Top 10 headlines, BUSINESSES, CLIMATE ENVIRONMENT AND SCIENCE, CRIME, INDIA, short news for today, tomorrows news headlines in english for school assembly, Top Headlines, News Headlines, Top News, Headlines Today Top Stories, Top News Headlines, INTERNATIONAL, NEWS, POLITICS, SOCIAL MEDIA, SPORTS, breaking news in Hindi, top news, morning…


#Breaking: Why is #PrashantKishor trending on Twitter?

Why is #PrashantKishor trending on Twitter? New Delhi, 05th August 2021. Poll strategist and the filth of Indian politics Prashant Kishor quit as an adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh stating that as he had decided to take a “temporary break from an active role in public life”. After this breaking news HashTag #PrashantKishor is trending on Twitter. Poll strategist #PrashantKishor quit as adviser to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh stating that as he had decided to take a “temporary break from an active role in public life” — The Hindu (@the_hindu) August 5, 2021 #PrashantKishor in his resignation letter said that he wants to take a 'temporary break from active role in public life' — India TV (@indiatvnews) August 5, 2021 #BREAKING | Prashant Kishor Resigns as Principal Adviser to Punjab CM #PrashantKishor #punjabelections2022 — (@indiacom) August 5, 2021 Those who are on payroll of #PrashantKishor are more worried than Prashant Kishore himself — Pandurang (@pandurangpai40) August 5, 2021 #PrashantKishor is trying to become like Sayyid brothers of 18th century in 21st century, but it seems that he always end up with people like Muhammad Shah instead of Farukh Siyar.#captainamaridnersingh #punjabelections2022 @TheLallantop @lakhnauaa #qissagoi — दिव्यांशु पाठक (@DivyanshPathak) August 5, 2021 Now #PrashantKishor is 😜😜real challenge to #RahulGandhi #MamataBanerjee for their day dream till May 2024. 😜😜😝😎 — Pandurang (@pandurangpai40) August 5, 2021 Why #PrashantKishor trending He also won some #Olympic Medal — Saksham 🇮🇳 (@sakshamv_4) August 5, 2021 प्रशांत किशोर ने पंजाब के CM कैप्टन अमरिंदर सिंह के मुख्य सलाहकार का पद छोड़ दिया है। कहा है कि सार्वजनिक जीवन से ब्रेक ले रहे। कुछ दिनों पहले गाँधी परिवार और #PrashantKishor के बीच कई दौर की बैठकें हुई थीं। उनके कॉन्ग्रेस में शामिल होने के चर्चे थे। पटियाला पैग बेस्वाद हो रहा। — Anupam K Singh (@anupamnawada) August 5, 2021 कैप्टन अमरिंदर सिंह को झटका देते हुए, प्रशांत किशोर ने गुरुवार को सीएम के राजनीतिक सलाहकार के पद से इस्तीफा दे दिया, जिसमें उन्होंने 'सार्वजनिक जीवन में सक्रिय भूमिका से एक अस्थायी ब्रेक लेने' की इच्छा का हवाला दिया। खेल से…


What wrong has Twitter done? Explains Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju Twitter has been deprived by the Indian Govt of the ‘safe harbour’ in section 79(1) of the Information Technology Act, which means it will now have to face criminal and civil liability. But what wrong did it do? Explained: What loss of safe harbour means for Twitter Twitter is only a platform, like other intermediaries such as Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Youtube, etc, These intermediaries do not create or originate news or ideas. It is some third party which creates them. Twitter and other intermediaries only enables these third parties to place them on their platforms. If anyone thinks the news or ideas incorrect, he/she can refute them by placing their own views on Twitter etc. This will initiate a debate, and debate is healthy in a democracy. Moreover, intermediaries, including Twitter, have mechanisms to filter out messages which may encourage hate, violence, terrorism, drug and women’s abuse, paedophilism, and other harmful contents. So it is not that automatically everything will be posted on the platform. These intermediaries, including Twitter, are performing a useful function by enabling people to share news and views. Every morning I see Twitter to know what is going on in the world. As regards the objection that Twitter had not set up the Grievance Redressal Mechanisms as required by the Information Technology Rules, 2021, surely this was a matter which could have been sorted out by the Govt officials and Twitter representatives. Twitter did set up a mechanism, but maybe it was not strictly as required. For this some more time could have been given to Twitter. It has said it will comply with the new rules, but needs more time ‘Will comply with new IT rules, need more time’: Twitter tells Centre Twitter Starts Looking for Nodal and Grievance Officers Amid Spat With Govt Over IT Rules 2021 I would request the Govt to reconsider its decision and restore the safe harbour to Twitter, and withdraw its FIR.

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Social media platforms need to act against toxic and bullying messages

There is toxicity in the air everywhere but more than that the poison in the virtual world can be the reason for huge damage to our social fabric and democratic society. American media has the spine to stop President Donald Trump‘s press conference in between when they felt that he was lying and could pose a danger to the whole electoral system. Social media handle Twitter deleted many tweets of President Trump terming them harmful as well as fake news. World over there is a concern for this that this toxicity must stop as it will bring calamity to societies and divide them further but look at us where fake news is being paddled by ‘respectable’ channels and leaders of the government tweeting opposition alliance as ‘Gupkar gang’. For the last few weeks, the nation watched how Arnab Goswami became the ‘news’ number one and the highest court of the land was ‘worried’ about him. If you don’t like him don’t watch his channel, said Justice Chandrachud. He added, ‘I don’t Chandra Hud watch his channel’. The other day, the Chief Justice of India said the same thing but then when people react to these cases, the government threatens them with contempt cases. A comedian joked and the ‘Sarkar’ has filed a contempt petition against him. The same government which has said that Andhra Pradesh chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s open letter to Chief Justice of India related to Justice Ramanna is not a contempt of the court. The Bombay High Court recently heard the bail petition of poet and author Varvara Rao who is incarcerated in Taloja jail and finally ordered that he be treated at Nanavati Hospital. The government was not willing to do so and wanted the poet’s family pay for his medical expenses. So, are we going to see a new trend in the coming days where you may be arrested but if you are ill or unwell then expenses have to be borne by the individual or his immediate family member? Capitalism everywhere. A journalist who has been exposing the land mafia in Assam was…

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Banning of Social Media News Platforms in Haryana: How much Justified?

JAG MOHAN THAKEN –CHANDIGARH “If you notice some incidents of corruption in government offices, instead of bringing these corrupt employees to book, you ban all these offices to function.” “If incidents of purse snatching—pickpocketing increase in public transport, then instead of controlling the crime or Catching Pocket Pickers or Purse Snatcher – stop the entire public transport to run.” These are the assumptions on which some Deputy Commissioners in Haryana seem to be working to curb the fake news on social media platforms. As per reports, on getting information of broadcasting / communicating fake news during COVID crisis by some social media news platforms, instead of taking legal action against the defaulting platforms only, Deputy Commissioners of six districts in Haryana have banned all the social media news platforms operating under their jurisdiction. A report published in Indian Express on July 12, 2020, states that  ‘All the social media news platforms based on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, Public App and LinkedIn  have  come under the ban ordered by the DCs of Sonipat, Kaithal, Charkhi Dadri, Karnal, Narnaul and Bhiwani on the pretext being stated that “dissemination of unverified and misleading news from such platforms may disturb the tranquillity in the society and may adversely affect the mental health of common man” during the coronavirus pandemic.’ Latestly the ban was imposed by Karnal Deputy Commissioner Mr Nishant Kumar Yadav exercising the powers of District Magistrate and Chairperson of District Disaster Management Authority on July 10  for 15 days, which states-“Some persons in Karnal District, without getting registered with DIPR Haryana or Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India, are disseminating news on various social media platforms e.g. YouTube,  WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Public App, LinkedIn and others without verifying the facts and purely based on misleading and incorrect facts, due to which there is the possibility of arising a misleading or confusing situation during the COVID pandemic. If this is not controlled, it may have a bad effect on the mental health of the populace.” Order further adds, “As about the number of such social media platforms operating…


If election is held tomorrow, whom would you vote? 80.6% say Congress

“A quick survey was carried out on Twitter. The screenshot is on the picture of this post. This was a snap poll, with limited options and aim, as can be seen. Idea was to see the mood of the people, especially on social media, where it is known that RSS/BJP have a monopoly. With 24 hours to exercise the option, this was a success as more than 17 thousand Twitteratis participated. Most of the participants were small-time social media “activists”, as a maximum of them are followed about 200 or less and they follow a small number as well. More than 1100 Retweeted, while 1800 liked. More than 150 joined in the discussion. What was surprising is the massive edge the Congress party got in this poll! 80%! The Left lagged way behind. BJP was last. If we sum up, few of the characteristics of this poll, they are: – Never expected this poll to be so popular! Shows people’s desperation for the change! Result is spectacular, Cong polling 80%! This may be interpreted the dislike towards BJP and non-availability of a suitable opposition. Left (My ideology) was far behind but not extinct. This poll is not to be taken as a measure to defeat Fascism. Fight for Right to Recall, through Mass Civil Disobedience is a better option, than waiting for 2024 General Election. In short, we need a mass movement or revolution to establish People’s Democracy. Ground reality differs vastly, what we see on social media. During a real election, the scenario will be different, with massive poll rigging through EVM, EC, CBI, power, money, hate-mongering, threat, violence, caste equation, etc. Even after the election, the sell and purchase of lawmakers will make democracy through election a mockery. For RSS/BJP this poll was meaningless, though no one expected it to be so big, otherwise they would have joined and changed the outcome. The need of the day is a United National Front against fascism, against anti-working class & the oppressed people regime! Work on ground, with the working class & the oppressed people, cannot be replaced with Social…

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Top trending in India again #GoBackModi

New Delhi, 01 March. Hash Tag Go Back Modi #GoBackModi is trending on Micro Blogging Site Twitter this morning. This is not the first time that #GoBackModi is trending in India. Earlier, the #GoBackModi top trends had also taken place during the North-East tour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Tamil Nadu tour and Andhra Pradesh tour also. Let’s see what people are saying on Twitter – One of the best PM of INDIALal Bahadur Shastri said JAI JAWAN – JAI KISAN Worst PM of INDIA MODI destroyed both ?#GoBackModi — Veena D (@The_veenaD) March 1, 2019 BJP is a party of blood thirsty vultures feasting on the dead bodies of our martyrs to win elections.#GoBackModi — Rofl Republic (@i_theindian) March 1, 2019 Mr @AmitShah when u say opposition can't ask questions, that's an attack on democracy. It's strange that u don't know. You say no one other than a family becomes PM! Who was the last PM from Congress n who was before that? Strange u don't know. — Sanghamitra (@AudaciousQuest_) March 1, 2019 #GoBackModi dump them in indian ocean for god sake — saurabh behl (@behl_saurabh) March 1, 2019 Media wants TRP out of WarBhakt wants pleasure out of War BJP wants power out of War…..However ARMY fights only because it wants PEACE out of war Sack Yeddyurappa or #GoBackModi — Jhoota Fakeer (@NehruKiGalti_) March 1, 2019 #GoBackModi#GoBackModi Today's Politics …??? — Ramesh Raavanan Str (@RameshJerry1) March 1, 2019 BJP told me of the war before Lok Sabha polls~PawanKalyan Airstrike will help BJP win 22 seats in karnataka~Yedurappa Amitsha uses Indian Air strikes to appeal Voters After Pulwama&Airforce attack Modi was Filming&Launching App This Why world does not believe Modi #GoBackModi — Anish (@Anish_Cherian) March 1, 2019 Shame on BJPians/Modi Sarkar for such cheap shots. Confidently counting Votes/Seats on #CRPFJawans Lives, Terror Attacks & Military operations like Surgical Strikes. #BJP_भगाओ_देश_बचाओ#GoBackModi #FridayFeeling #WelcomeBackAbhinandan #Abhinandancomingback #PakPremiPatrakaar — ThokoBhai™ ‏‎‎‎ٹھوکو بھائی۔ (@HaftaWasooli) March 1, 2019