Taliban threaten Trump, Taliban ready to fight for 100 years if America is not ready to talk

Donald Trump

New Delhi, 15 September 2019. The Taliban is ready to fight for “100 years” if the US is unwilling to revive peace talks, A member of a Taliban delegation visiting Moscow Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai warned, days after President Donald Trump announced that negotiations with the militant group were over.

Talks to end the 18-year conflict screeched to a halt after Trump said he had canceled an unprecedented meeting with the group’s representatives at Camp David, and said the peace process was over after a US soldier was killed in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan.

Trump’s remarkable tweets caused chaos and confusion in
diplomatic circles. The tweets also caused alarm among those engaged in or
following the already-fraught peace process.

According to a news published by The ARAB NEWS, a member of a Taliban delegation visiting Moscow said the group would be interested in resuming dialogue if the US also showed interest, but he also issued a warning.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai told Russian TV station RT, “We
are still committed, we want peace in Afghanistan, we want to give a safe
passage for the foreign troops to go from Afghanistan,”.

“If the American side is not willing (for) negotiations … we
will be compelled to defend ourselves even if it continues for 100 years”, he

Abbas has taken part in at least nine rounds of talks with
US diplomats in Qatar since last year. He accused Trump of not signing a treaty
with the Taliban because the group had refused to meet him before it signed an

He said the Taliban had agreed to allow for the safe passage
of US troops and to enforce a truce in areas from where the US planned to
withdraw. The Taliban was also planning to meet the Afghan side on Sept. 23 to
discuss a nationwide cease-fire and the political setup of a future government,
he added.

Sediq Seddiqi, a spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf
Ghani, tweeted that Abbas’ remarks showed the group remained uninterested in

“This time the Taliban raised their voice from Moscow and
say that (they) will continue in (the) killing of Afghans; the Afghan security
forces are waiting for you.”

The Taliban, who had once been a bloody struggle against the Soviet Union and America was giving them protection and help, today have reached the asylum of Russia after being crooked with America.

Russia is one of the regional powers to have forged closer ties with its former foe, the Taliban, which has made gains in Afghanistan despite an increased presence of US troops. The Taliban and Russia both want a complete withdrawal of US-led forces from the country.