Tamil Nadu Custodial Death – Pandemic used as a tool of repression. It is happening countrywide.


#JusticeForJayarajAndFenix: Tamil Nadu Custodial Death – The Truth with Faye D’Souza

#Justice for #tiger victims and victims the #police #brutality under Yogi raj in #Pilibhit.

Palash Biswas

A father-son duo, P Jayaraj and J Bennicks, were picked up by #TamilNadu police for opening their shop during the lockdown in Tuticorin.

Curfew time begins at 8 PM in that area. At 7.30 the policemen visited the shop and demanded mobile phone on EMI. Police never pays back; it is general experience and the father _son duo refused them.

They were beaten brutally at the shop before the eyes of hundreds of villagers who live together in peace and love. Police abused abundantly and expressed anger that the duo dared to refuse them.

The duo was arrested under 188 while the policemen themselves broke the law and misused the public health crisis in Corona pandemic period for which they must be punished. Pandemic precautions demand that the jails should be decongested but they arrested two innocent people just because they refused to sell a mobile to them on EMI.

News reports now suggest they were brutally sexually assaulted as well as violently thrashed in police custody, post which both of them have succumbed to their injuries. The death in custody is brutal murder as the genitals of the victims were destroyed. Entire Police Station must be booked and everyone there should be dismissed and arrested immediately.

The post-mortem report is forged and no injury caused by police noted.

The magistrate even did not see the accused and query them according to the law nor ensured that they should not be tortured.

Total 30 persons including the police, magistrate and doctor are involved in the case. Hundreds of villagers are the eye witness.

Civil liberty and human riots violated.

188 misused.

Pandemic used as a tool of repression.

Custodial guidelines set by the lie again and again and enhanced by the Supreme Court were violated.

This incident has resulted in mass outrage across Tamil Nadu, resulting in public outrage and riots.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palani swami, on Wednesday, assured legal action as per the orders of the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court and action based on the magisterial probe into the custodial death of the father-son duo. Faye D’Souza speaks with Dhanya Rajendran, Editor-in-Chief, TheNewsMinute to understand what exactly happened.

It is not the case in Tamilnadu only. Corona is converted into an open opportunity for loot, tortures, repression and murder.

It is happening countrywide.

In Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh, the villagers of eight villages living by the side of forest area in Mala area have faced the same as in Tamilnadu. One hundred of them were taken in custody as they were demanding compensation for the victim in the tiger attack. Five villagers working on their land, harvesting was killed by tiger recently.


They were demonstrating peacefully in the village. The police misused the pandemics as well. The women, children and old were thrashed and injured by the police brutally.

Then they lodged a false case to justify the brutal act that the villagers attacked the police vans and the police stations.

One hundred villagers were arrested. Even now 23 of them are in the jail. All of them are poor peasants.

These are only two examples.

We must stand united against the attacks on civil liberties and human rights.

Pilibhit incidents have not created that attention as the belong to depressed Bengali refugees resettled in UP after the partition of India.


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