Stay United be strong to protect democracy : Testing Time for Democracy and Institutions

Vidya Bhushan Rawat at deekshabhoomi
Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Testing Time for Democracy and Institutions

As the hold of the media and private gangs continue on Indian democracy, the only way is for the people to stand up and resist. With the massive manipulations of media and market, it is now clear that attempt was to demoralize the cadres and workers of the political parties and warn the honest officers to succumb.

There are disturbing reports of attempt to open Strong Rooms and push the EVMs. The Election Commission must explain as what is happening and why so many information is now emerging from various parts of the country. It must explain why it has given four days gap when the last vote was polled. When the polling culminated on 19th, why the election commission took extraordinary time of four days for counting and allowing the market and media manipulators to play mayhem with people’s aspiration and build up a false narrative.

Democracy is at risk

The nation is in the serious crisis. Democracy is at risk of those who want power at any cost. Unfortunately, our institutions have let us down. AT the moment, people should maintain vigil at the respected counting centers. We know bigger things are going to happen on the counting day and I can bet that while exit polls came out within two hours after the voting was finished, the real counting may take hours.

Even on the counting day, media will play games and they have already built a narrative that opposition is complaining because it is losing or lost. Big frauds are being invited on TV channels and discussing an issue which is hypothetical. We can understand that the exit polls if done honestly can show you a trend but why so much of enthusiasm to discuss things based on that. Why can’t media wait till 23rd.

India need a Government of Unity. I hope all the parties will realize that the challenge now is much bigger. Democracy is under severe threat.

All other issues can be debated later but it is time to protect democracy. We hope that officials entrusted to do the job will do it honestly and in the greater interest of democracy. India as a nation will lose if the democratic process is subverted and the duty to protect it is not merely those who are guarding strong rooms and at the counting centers but also activists, writers, authors, public intellectuals, government officials, police persons to ensure fairness and report malpractices or maladministration. Election Commission would do well to speak to media and explain things categorically. Those in the media, if they like to be seen with the people, should report all these incidents and stay vigil everywhere.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat