The Sardar Patel Stadium has been renamed as Narendra Modi Stadium, taunts Justice Katju

Sardar Patel Stadium has been renamed as Narendra Modi Stadium

By Justice Markandey Katju

The Motera Cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has been renamed the Narendra Modi stadium.

This reminds me of a story.

There was once a king who regarded himself as the greatest monarch the world had ever seen. When he died, he went to heaven.

The boundary wall around heaven had plaques bearing the names of thousands of earlier kings who had predeceased him, but there was no plaque having his name.

 Infuriated, he angrily asked the guard at the entrance gate why his name was not on the boundary wall.

The guard replied “ The entire wall is full, and there is no place for you now. All you can do is remove one plaque with a hammer, and insert yours in that place.

However, this was done earlier by some kings who predeceased you, who tore out some plaques and inserted theirs. But kings who came later in turn tore those out, and inserted theirs.

So you can tear out some plaque and insert yours, but there is no guarantee that yours will not be torn out too “.

Hari Om

(Justice Katju’s FB post with courtesy)

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