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Shamsul Islam
{Dr. Shamsul Islam, Political Science professor at Delhi University (retired).}

Those fighting the Hindutva onslaught should never overlook the fact


I am not surprised by the mysterious unwanted visit of the police personnel at Dr Ram Puniyani’s home. I do not take it as an isolated or unrelated happening. The visitors may even be from some Hindutva terrorist organization on the mission of gathering information about his day-to-day routine. Those fighting the Hindutva onslaught should never overlook the fact that there is a sinister linkage of the Hindutva terrorists with MOSSAD, fascist Buddhist organizations of Myanmar and Sri Lanka. We must be aware of their techniques of harming the adversaries.


1.    Receive parcels, letters, packets and
couriers directly at your home.

2.    Receive unknown persons at your residence.

3.    Visit programmes/events whose credentials
are not clear.

4.    Follow the same route while commuting
from/to your residence.

5.    Discuss your schedule/plans on phone while
travelling in taxis/public transport.

6.    Share your out station programmes with
unrelated persons.


1.    Share your schedule with a family member.

2.    CCTV outside your residence which should be
well-lit. CCTV in the room where you sit with the interviewers.

3.    Regular change of passwords.

4.    Carry your blood group with you.

5.    Complex security to intimate you about any
person inquiring about you.

I do not
want to scare you but we should take all precautions so that fascist
conspirators do not succeed.

With love
and regards,


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