Throat cancer is a common cancer in our country; mainly due to the rampant and indiscriminate use of tobacco in all forms

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Society celebrates its 20th Anniversary!

Throat cancer survivors share the ordeal they undergo & how they overcome them

5th December, 2019: The Laryngectomee Society of
Apollo Hospitals
, celebrated its 20th anniversary with
Para-Badminton World Champion, Ms Manasi
, as the Chief Guest, on Saturday at the Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee
Hills. Radio Mirchi RJ Shezzi,
conducted the show and Dr
Umanath Nayak
, Consultant
Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon, Apollo Cancer Hospital & Founder
President, Laryngectomee Society of Apollo Hospitals, was also present on the
occasion. The Laryngectomee Society of Apollo Hospitals, is a voluntary
self-help rehabilitation group of cancer survivors who have undergone
surgery for the removal of their larynx (voice box) as treatment for advanced
cancer of the throat.

On the occasion, RJ Shezzi conducted a live chat-show with the laryngectomees. They shared the
ordeal they undergo, the challenges they face in their daily lives and how they
overcome them. In unison they sent a strong message that despite all odds,
it’s possible to lead a normal life as cancer survivors.

Speaking on the occasionDr Umanath Nayak said, Ms Manasi
Joshi, is a huge inspiration for all the Laryngectomees, who live with the
disability of not having voice box. She has overcome the challenge of
disability and went onto excel to become the Para-Badminton World Champion. We
are celebrating the anniversary of the Society, as a tribute to the fighting spirit of these
indomitable laryngectomees. It is a loud and clear message from them on how to
overcome adversity and still be able to laugh and make others laugh. These
survivors have overcome cancer and are normal persons like any one of us going
about with their routine. Since they are free from cancer, they should no more
be associated with the stigma of cancer. The Laryngectomee society of Apollo Hospitals, which has over 500
members across India and abroad, has become a role model for similar self-help groups
in cancer rehabilitation,
he said.  

to Dr Umanath Nayak,
throat cancer is a common
cancer in our country; mainly due to the rampant and indiscriminate use of
tobacco in all forms. Overall about 12% of all cancers in India are related to
the throat. About 1 lakh new throat cancers are diagnosed annually in our
country, majority of which are in the advanced stages. Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad alone account for
approximately 1,200 new throat cancer patients every year
, he said.

About Laryngectomee Society of Apollo Hospitals

The Laryngectomee Society of Apollo Hospitals is a voluntary self-help rehabilitation group of throat cancer survivors who have overcome the disease and are in the process of rehabilitating themselves to return back to the mainstream of life. The Society, started in the year 1999, currently has a membership of over 500 cancer survivors from all over India and a few abroad and aids these survivors in overcoming the effects of the disease and its treatment. Patients suffering from throat cancer undergo a surgery called total laryngectomy involving surgical removal of the larynx or the voice-box, which remains the best modality of treatment in advanced stages of the disease. Since the voice box is removed, these patients, called as laryngectomees, cannot speak in the normal way and are trained to speak using a special voice prosthesis.

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