‘Trump Blunder’ calling Modi as ‘Father of India’, Trump may apply his mind

Modi and Trump in Howdy Modi at Houston

‘Trump Blunder’ calling Modi as ‘Father of India’ in
Houston, USA deserves to be withdrawn 

 New Delhi, 26th
September 2019 : The President of United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump in
his nearly one-hour speech delivered at Houston on Sunday, September 22, 2019
(US time). This speech was received in India which was carried at about 11 p.m.
on Sunday. The President of USA, Mr. Donald Trump made a great public speech
addressing about 50,000 Indo-American electorates who are likely to vote for
the Presidential poll in the coming election in the USA.

President, Mr. Donald Trump made a remarkable speech yet he happened to describe the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi as ‘Father of India’. He said in his speech, “He (Modi) is a great gentleman and a great leader… And I remember India before, there was lot of dissension, lot of fighting, he (Modi) got it all together, like a father will bring it together. Maybe he (Modi) is the Father of Nation, we will call him Father of India.”.

Thousands of calls have been pouring into India and many
people who are not involved in politics have been asking the Indian media and
the politicians as to how could they justify description of Indian Prime
Minister as ‘Father of India’ and why were they silent. It was only the
Congress leaders who had touched this issue.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged on Mr. Donald Trump, the President of United States of America to show his grace by withdrawing this comment from his speech he delivered on Sunday.

NPP Supremo hoped that Mr. Donald Trump who happened to be a President of one of the Big Powers (the USA) of the world as recognized by the UNO may withdraw these remarks on Indian Prime Minister, ‘Father of India’ which have not been accepted by the great nation, India. India has a history of thousands of years and the Sanskrit was the oldest language used by India’s saints, philosophers. It was India which gave message of peace, humanity, love through its sages and prophets since the India/Bharata came into existence with the world. The great persons who contributed for the human cause could be called as sons of India. This introduction of Indian Prime Minister by the US President has not been welcomed/accepted by any school of thought or living human being on earth. He hoped that Mr. Donald Trump, the President of USA may apply his mind and take appropriate steps to withdraw these remarks from his illustrious speech he delivered from the platform in Houston, USA on September 22, 2019.

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