Two day National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions

two day National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions

Hyderabad, March 2nd, 2019 : The two day National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions (NSIHS) 2019, being organised by Apollo Hospitals, was formally inaugurated by Ms Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals, on Friday at Taj Deccan. Also present on the occasion were Mr Mahi V. Raghav, Yatra movie Director; Dr EC Vinay Kumar, Organising Chairman, NSIHS.

two day National Seminar on Implantable Hearing Solutions

to a press release issued by Apollo

Apollo Cochlear Implant Clinic, the first such clinic in south India, established
in 1994 at the Apollo Health City, Hyderabad, has performed more than 1500
implantations during this period. The Hospital’s Cochlear Implant Program has
grown to be one of the largest pediatric implant programs
in India and South Asia. This year marks the silver jubilee of the initiative.
The multidisciplinary team at the Apollo Cochlear Implant Clinic, has special
expertise in evaluating and implanting very young children, including infants.
The team serves children and adults of all ages with hearing impairment.”

2019, was organised consecutively for the fourth year on March 1st and
2nd, at the Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, is a joint program by Apollo Hospitals, Apollo
Cochlear Implant Clinic, Apollo Institute of Medial Sciences & Research
(AIMSR) and SAHI (Society to Aid the Hearing Impaired).

on the occasion Ms Sangita Reddy said,
a clinician draws inspiration from the patients he treated and Dr Vinay Kumar
took that inspiration further by accomplishing some commendable achievements.
He has been on a spree of milestones all his career, he and his team completed
1500 cochlear implant surgeries, a rare feat in the world, he was instrumental
in bringing the prestigious World Congress of Cochlear Implants to Hyderabad,
he was the first man who dared to dream of cochlear implant being accessible to
every needy child, he also was the first person who had the courage to tell the
Government the need to include cochlear implant under Arogyasri and made it
happen, which benefit every child who can’t afford it otherwise. This Seminar
is a step ahead in furthering our knowledge about Implantable Hearing Solutions
and the immediate spinoff from which is enhanced care for patients.

movie Director Mahi V. Raghav said,
I am here because of a movie called Yatra, which is all about a man called Dr
YS Rajashekar Reddy. I am fortunate to be part of a movie that tells his story,
the reason for me to tell his story is Arogyasri. Our paths never crossed, I
wasn’t in the country when he was the Chief Minister. The reason I told his
story was the innumerable small heartwarming tales from strangers who had very
nice things to narrate and mostly it was about Arogyasri. In all the stories I
didn’t come across even one of the stories that I hear here, I really wish I
came to know about this before and could have made it part of my movie. I have
no words for Dr Vinay Kumar, but just to say thank you for your selfless service
and I am ready to do my bit to be part of this effort in whichever way you want
me to.   

Dr EC Vinay Kumar said, we started the NGO,
with the intent to spread awareness about this invisible ailment,
which was not recognized in those days as an impediment for the child’s normal
growth. It took lot of time and effort for us to sensitize people about this

objective was to identify children in rural areas, in areas where they don’t
have access to proper healthcare, we started this in a very small way, but
gradually scaled it up to reach greater communities”, added Dr EC Vinay Kumar.

He said,

four years we realised we had to raise money for Cochlear implants, we started
an initiative called ‘Gift an ear’ and mobilised donations from Corporates,
philanthropists and provided this expensive treatment to children from
impoverished families. Fortunately, in 2007 – 2008, it was made a part of Rajiv
Arogyasri and for the first time in the country a deaf child could get this
expensive surgery done free of cost. It was possible because of the foresight
of Dr YS Rajashekar Reddy and this one step changed the way a deaf child was
treated in the country and several other states followed what he started and
today it’s a national program. The change this brought about is, children
coming to hospital at an young age making possible early diagnosis and early
intervention. Today we have reached a stage where no child with an hearing
problem is sent back for the reason of lack of affordability, we somehow raise
money for them. We will continue to do what we have been doing and it will only
continue to grow to reach out to more needy children. The program can really be
called a success the day when every needy child in India has access to a
cochlear implant. SAHI has done its bit to the extent possible and will
continue with the mission.”

on Challenges in Cochlear Implantation

to Press release, The fourth annual seminar will be a platform for the exchange
of knowledge on basics to advances in Implantable hearing solutions for over
250 ENT Surgeons, Audiologists and Rehabitationalists across India. The main
theme of the Seminar is “Challenges in Cochlear Implantation”, the sessions
include Live CI surgeries, panel discussions on CI Programmes in India and
Outcomes and choices in CI program- a long look back, latest surgical
techniques, new criteria’s and information on handling difficult cases,  Rehabilitation and other implantable hearing
systems(ABI, BAHA, Vibrant Sound Bridge). 
The knowledge shared here will be a root map for all the organizations
working with hearing impairment.

of the renowned international faculty addressing the delegates at NSIHS 2019
include- Prof. Robert J Briggs, Australia; Prof. Gunesh Rajan from Switzerland
and Prof. Jocelyn Ho from Australia. National faculty includes Prof. Mohan
Kameswaran, Dr.E.C.Vinaya Kumar, Dr. MP. Manoj, Dr. Sunil Dutt, Dr. Shankar
Medikeri, Dr. Ranjit Rajeswaran, Dr Srinivas, Ms. Nishita Mohandas, Dr N
Banumathy, Ms Rashmi Deshpande,  Ms
Shefali Shah and few other.

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