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UN Silent? : Secretary General UNO, Antonio Guterres urged for urgent intervention to involve UN to defeat Coronavirus

Message of Nature through Coronavirus should be understood

Jammu Tawi (J&K) :  “The entire world which include all the Members of the United Nations is under a threat to its existence because of one ghost called Coronavirus today. Even the five Big Powers namely USA, China, UK, France & Russia have come under the attack of this ghost, Coronavirus.

The whole world is shaking and entire humanity is under serious threat to its existence by just undefined, unknown & unexpected Coronavirus.

The Big Countries including the USA and China have failed to find any remedy to fight this evil out. Unfortunately United Nations Organization called UNO is also silent. There has been not a single emergency meeting of the General-Assembly or even Executive Committee of five Big Powers to sit together and decide as what needs to be done to destroy this horrifying horror to save the entire humanity throughout the world which is under a serious threat caused by this horror.

The Secretary General under UN Charter has a responsibility to intervene. He should convene an urgent meeting online with the Members of the Security Council in order to hold a meeting of all General Assembly Members online through Video Conference so that the United Nations in one voice and one go may decide what needs to be done urgently without giving any chance to this Coronavirus to swallow this world.

We have best of the scientists who produce Atom bombs, nuclear weapons which could destroy the humanity. The scientists from all over the world mostly working with five Big Powers should be utilized by the United Nations to evolve a new formula/strategy to destroy the evil of Coronavirus which is an enemy of the entire world including the Big Powers.

The United Nations must act fast and invite all Members of the United Nations to work out a game plan jointly so that this ghostly Coronavirus shall be destroyed. Even if the Big Nuclear Powers have to forego their war plans against each other should dump their nuclear weapons and bombs into the depth of the ocean. They should go ahead and join hands put all scientists at their command together so that all the scientists who created Atom bombs and nuclear weapons shall join to create one single weapon to destroy Coronavirus.

The world shall live in peace for all the times to come and there shall be no threat of Coronavirus. The message of Nature through Coronavirus should be understood and the new formula should be worked out to save the humanity. Let world peace survive, thus upholding the life, liberty, security & dignity of the citizens of entire world”.

This statement has been prepared by a world peace traveler who travelled the world on peace mission for five and half years from 1967 to 1973. He is Prof. Bhim Singh who studied Bar from England and passed out L.L.M from London University in 1972.

He has served as a Legislator in Jammu & Kashmir (India) for 15 years. He is an Executive Chairman of World Peace Council (India) and a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India. He has written several books on his world travelled and peace mission.

This statement is being forwarded to the entire world press, Members of the United Nations and Parliament in India and other countries of the world.

He appealed to the World Media to help conveying this appeal to the Members of the United Nations and the Governments all over the world.

He believes that peace shall return in the world, Coronavirus shall disappear provided the entire world under United Nations takes this initiative as he has urged above.

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