Urgent intervention of President sought to ensure that Ttricolour Flag is not misused in political rallies

Ttricolour Flag misused in political rallies,

New Delhi January 18, 2020 : “National Flag in each country of the world is the sign of national pride and Flag is used/hoisted only on the occasions where national/peoples rallies/programmes are held in the respective countries. No where in any country a National Flag is used by any political party, ruling or otherwise because every political party has its own flag which they are authorized to carry in accordance with the rule of law as prescribed by the state. It is unacceptable/not reasonable neither in the interest of dignity of the National Flag that it can be used or carried by any political party in its programme whatever such programmes may be.”

Prof. Bhim Singh today was held up along with several other travelling passengers in the heart of New Delhi when crowds of poor people, men and women as well as the children who were being carried in the laps by the elders were going in a procession across the Parliament Street. Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and many others were held up on the street because the police was escorting the procession. Every third person in the process was carrying national tricolour flag and hoardings with slogans in support of India’s controversial Act of Parliament today i.e. Citizen Amendment Act (CAA). The national flags were carried by the processionists mostly the poor and from the labouring class. This was the information we got that this procession of the wretched of the earth with national flag is going to Ram Lila Ground where a rally in support of CAA shall be held.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock that how the ruling parties and their supporters were misusing the national flag in support of controversial issue like CAA.

Prof.Bhim Singh and some other Supreme Court lawyers could cross the road after an hour and same was the situation with hundreds of vehicles in the Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India, Mr. Ramnath Kovind to intervene in this matter and issue an urgent Ordinance to stop any political party to use national tricolour flag in any political meeting pro or against the ruling class. He said that he had travelled the whole world for more than five years (1967-1973) on motorcycle on  peace mission and nowhere he found that a national flag was being used in the political rallies in any country of world developed or undeveloped. He informed the media that the State Legal Aid Committee which he chairs shall move the Supreme Court of India in this regard in defense of the tricolour national flag so that national flag shall not be used in any political programme or movement may it be against the government and for the government.

He also appealed to all political parties and NGOs to take up this movement with the President of India in defense of National Flag which represents the pride of the nation.

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