Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Kickstarts the shoot of The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files- Poster

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Kickstarts the shoot of The
Kashmir Files

“I saw my father bring cut into peices infront of my eyes and put in a sack and I did not get his body back also, please take my interview on record-  One victim (name withheld) told me while almost choking with tears on call”- Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri.

Agnihotri to film in 5 Countries- 20 plus states,
capturing records of over 1000 victims & eyewitnesses

Mumbai, 06th November 2019. Post the success of
The Tashkent Files, filmmaker, Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri announced his most
ambitious project till date- The Kashmir Files and now he is all set to
jumpstart the first schedule of the shoot across UK, USA & Canada. The
month and a half long schedule will entail Agnihotri’s trailblazing journey
overseas in an attempt to conduct research for the film. Alongwith his wife,
actor & producer Pallavi Joshi, Vivek will be interviewing first hand
record of displaced Kashmiri Pandits who are now settled far away from their

The Kashmir Files- dubbed as #KashmirUnreported is a deep
dive into the story of the genocide in India’s history- ethnic cleansing of
Kanshmiri Pandits, which has been unreported or under reported. Vivek Ranjan
Agnihorti & Pallavi Joshi now embarks on a journey to unveil the underlying
truth of this catastrophe that took place in India decades back.

The first schedule of the shoot entails on-camera interviews
with victims, survivors and their family members and who have lost everything
in the tryst. This shoot also marks the first ever attempt towards a
consolidated report on this macabre incident which is still shrouded in

Talking of the first schedule Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri said,

“I believe that this is the first schedule of The Kashmir
Files and the most difficult part of the filming process because it involves
real people and real stories which Pallavi and I would capture on camera. Once
I get this right it is half battle won. The research for this project is an
extensive one and I want to channelize my energy in digging as deep as possible
to get the truth out. This incident should have gone down in the annals in
History but where is it? How many people know about the magnitude of it? “

He added,

“A film like The Kashmir Files has to bring out the truth
orelse it will be just another film that will come and go. I’m making this film
‘by demand’- I have numerous well wishers who have urged me to pick up this
subject. I have had people calling me on phone and breaking down- telling me
about how they have been witness to their father being butchered into 50 pieces
or mother being raped. I owe them the truth”.

The prolonged research will take Vivek and Pallavi across USA, UK, Canada, Germany and around India to record firsthand account of victims, survivors and eyewitness of this terrible tragedy. The Kashmir Files promises to be the first ever true account of most heart wrenching story of human suffering that India has witnessed.