Want to show my versatility as an actress : Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor

Mumbai, Feb 13. Vaani Kapoor says she wants to show her versatility as an actress in her upcoming films.

Talking about how she wants to see herself on-screen, the “Befikre” actress told IANS here:

“I want to show my versatility as an actress in my upcoming films. In both my upcoming films, whether it is ‘Shamshera’ or the one where I am sharing screen space with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, both are very different roles and the world of these two stories are different.

“As an actress, I want to live many lives on-screen. So, I hope people can see me in a different avatar.”

recently walked the ramp to launch spring-summer collection of a brand.

about fashion, she said:

“I strongly believe that my style is an extension of my personality. What I believe, how I am feeling, what occasion I am attending, everything reflects on what I am wearing on that day, at that moment. But more than anything else, an outfit looks good when I feel good from within.”

The actress
also promotes the idea of being “physically and mentally fit”.

“Now that fitness has nothing to do with being plus size or skinny, being fat or thin. Body shaming is so negative. It makes people feel horrible, it affects confidence…so, obviously it is not good for anything. It affects our mind. It should not be encouraged at all. But I am saying that fitness is important.”

“We are
living in a time where people want to look good, fit into stylish clothes etc.
Well, for that, style intelligently according to your body shape,” she

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