Welcome to Congress Manifesto for Repeal AFSPA and Condemnation to decisive agenda of BJP

Repeal AFSPA Campaign formerly Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign

New Delhi. 06
April 2019. Repeal AFSPA Campaign (formerly Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign)
has welcomed to Congress Manifesto for Repeal AFSPA and condemned to decisive
agenda of BJP.

national Convener Ravi Nitesh said in a statement,

AFSPA Campaign (Formerly Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign) welcomes decision
of Indian National Congress that it included the declaration regarding
consideration of dilution of AFSPA if it comes to power.”

“We also
condemn the vicious agenda of Bhartiya Janta Party where its leaders,
unfortunately even Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also in their speeches not
only brought name of army (Despite election commission’s direction of not using
army’s name in election campaigning) but also condemning congress manifesto for
the AFSPA review agenda”, added Ravi Nitesh.

Here is text
of statement –

We want to
make it clear that such decisive political agenda does not suit to a national
party like BJP as the party must know following facts:

It was not
BJP that brought this act in practice and if it was brought by congress since
its inception, BJP must accept that Congress has some thought regarding
national integration and security to tackle through this in that time in 1958
(in North East States) and in 1990 (in J&K) and hence now again, if the party
(Congress) wish to reconsider its applicability after 70 years of Independence,
it must be welcomed.

Imposing of
AFSPA was always dependent upon declaring the area as ‘Disturbed’ under disturb
area act which is even at present has condition of review on every six months.
Putting it under ‘review’ of ‘six months’ automatically mean that this is not
‘permanent’ and the tag of ‘disturbed area’ may be revoked once situation would

In past few
such areas got AFSPA free through revoking tag of ‘Disturbed area’ and it
created a confidence building upon local people and situation remained

BJP must
also know that even BJP as a political party promised to people of Manipur to
repeal AFSPA once it will form the government (in the year 2014) though it betrayed
now from its promise and not only betrayed, but also politicizing the same
demand when it is made by Congress party.

BJP must
also know that it has successfully repealed AFSPA from few areas of North East
during last five years.

BJP must
know that politicizing the fact only for political agenda cannot be considered
fine when the same was done by this party itself. Also, demand or consideration
to review or repeal AFSPA has nothing against army or national security as even
a common person knows that it would be done only when situation would be in
such review and after green signals of all stakeholders of national security.

BJP must
know that even veterans of armed forces, retired police officers have advocated
repeal of AFSPA for the reasons that this act has such absolute powers that it
has been misused on few occasions where innocents lost their lives or faced
extreme tortures, disappearing and such cases comes under gross violations of
human rights.

BJP must know that India’s own National Human Rights Commission has visited many AFSPA imposed areas and even provided compensations to victims of human rights abuses.

BJP must know that not only national human rights organizations, but even independent international human rights agencies including UN Rapporteur have brought many stories of gross violations of human rights from these areas and even UN human rights commission has raised its voice on this act.

BJP must understand that national security and integrity is not a contract system owned by the political party, instead it comes through collective consciousness of general public, people’s will and safety and security of common lives. Unfortunately, people in North East regions and J&K, in large numbers are suffering with atrocities and forced to live in shadow of guns. On the other hand, military persons also suffering a hard life in these areas where they are ‘in aid of civil power’ but they are forced to live almost permanently and a majority of honest and dedicated security personals are losing morale and facing criticism due to misusing of AFSPA absolute powers by handful of security personals who r=are free from any inquiry. 

BJP must also study the cases of 1528 extra judicial killings pending with Supreme Court of India where the randomly picked six cases by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India were made investigated under a panel formed by Supreme Court and cases found true.

We, at Repeal AFSPA campaign want to express to common people of India that what BJP is doing is a propaganda and they are not concerned with the national security agenda. We all are with the people and with our armed forces and the demand to repeal or review the act AFSPA is not any anti-army demand, instead it is just about the policy and its rule that need to be reviewed in the light of justice to enhance morale of security forces, to prevent human rights violations, to enhance accountability and to improve overall situation and confidence building of people.

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