Who Is a Desh Drohi (Traitor)? Desh Droh is not an offence in our law


Desh Droh i.e. betraying one’s motherland is not an offence in the law of our country. There is a law against sedition i.e. Raj Droh. Raj Droh is not betraying one’s motherland but spreading hatred against its ruler. It was enacted by the British to suppress the voice of the people who wanted to liberate India from the rule of the British empire. Tilak and Gandhi were convicted for sedition because they wanted to free India from the stranglehold of a foreign power. Thus, sedition was a patriotic act. It was an offence committed by those sons and daughters of Mother India who loved her and were ready to make sacrifices for freeing her from the foreign rule. After India’s independence the law against sedition was not relevant. but was retained by the rulers of independent India for dubious reasons and has been shamelessly misused to suppress the voice of dissent.

Desh Droh is not an offence in our law. but is a sin and a heinous moral crime in the eyes of the people. Those who collude with the foreign invaders or rulers are Desh Drohis or Traitors.

Two infamous Desh Drohis in our history are Jai Chand. who colluded with Mohd. Gori to defeat Prithvi Raj and Mir Jafar, who betrayed his own Nawab Shiraj Ud Daullah and colluded with Clive to defeat him. He was the Commander of Sjiraj Ud Daulla’s forces but betrayed him.

In Europe, Quisling, a military office, who held political office during the World War II and collaborated with Hitler is remembered as a traitor like Jai Chand.

He was shot dead after a trial when the WW II ended. Thus, Desh Drohis/traitors are those who collude with the invaders or foreign powers against their own country and people.

The RSS was founded in 1925. It declared that it was not concerned with the Independence Movement. Its aim was to oppose the ‘yavan-snakes’ (the Muslims). who were spreading riots in the country? It was born in hatred for Muslims and not out of love for India or Bharat Mata. Its blind hatred for Muslims and Christians led it to love the British and turned it into a collaborator against India’s independence. M.S. Golwarkar the iconic Sar Sangh Sanchalak of the RSS unabashedly exhorted the Hindus in the following words:

“Hindus, do not waste your energy fighting the British. Save it to fight the internal enemies that are the Muslims, the Christians and the Communists. “

The RSS followed his words and it colluded with the British government even in 1942 when the Quit India movement was launched. The Congress leaders were in jail, the people in revolt. but the RSS remained a faithful collaborator of the British government. It was against not only Gandhi and the Congress. but also, Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Fauz. RSS was against Bharat Mata’s Azadi. It was the Jai Chand and Mir Jafar of the 20th century.

The betrayal was not accidental. Golwarkar had already written in his book We or Our Nationhood Defined (1938) that the freedom fighters were traitors*. It is an irony that the Jaichand and Mir Jafar of 20th century are today calling the patriotic citizens traitors.

Lies and repetition of lies are the time-tested weapon of fascists. They can be effectively fought only with knowledge and truth. The patriotic Indians must equip themselves with knowledge and truth and fight the fake but dangerous patriots.

By Prabhakar Sinha

* We repeat; in Hindustan. the land of Hindus. lives and should live the Hindu Nation _satisfying all the five-essential requirement of the scientific nation concept of the modern world. Consequently. only those movements are truly ‘National’ as aim at re-building. re-vitalising and emanating from the present stupor. the Hindu Nation. Those only are nationalist patriots, with who with the aspiration to glorify the Hindu race and Nation next to their heart. are prompted into activity and strive to achieve that goal. ALL OTHERS POSING TO BE PATRIOTS AND WILLFULLY INDULGING IN A COURSE OF ACTION DETRIMENTAL TO HINDU NATION ARE TRAITORS AND ENEMIES TO THE NATIONAL CAUSE. OR TO TAKE A MORE CHARITABLE VIEW IF UNINTENTIONALY. AND LED INTO SUCH A COURSE. A MERE SIMPLETON. MISGUIDED IGNORANT FOOLS (emphasis added).

About Prof. Prabhakar Sinha

Hailing from Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Prof. Sinha had a PG Degree in English and Ph.D. in Linguistics from Poona University (1967) studying the grammar of Lepcha language of Sikkim in relation to Bengali, Santhali, Hindi and Vajjika. He retired as Professor of English from RDS College, Muzaffarpur under Bihar University.

Right from his school days in the 1950’s he was involved with the democratic movements of students and suffered fracture and other injuries when police lathi charged agitating students in Patna. He played a leading role in agitation for a judicial enquiry into the police firing on the students of Patna university and later on represented the students in the judicial enquiry headed by the Chief Justice of Patna High court .

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