Working with B. Subhash in ‘Disco Dancing Star’ is a dream come true moment for Neha Rana

(News helpline). Actress Neha Rana, who is making her Hindi film debut with
‘Disco Dancing Star’, has said that it is a dream come true moment for her to
work with B. Subhash who  has also
directed Mithun Chakraborty starrer successful film ‘Disco Dancer.’

her experience working with filmmaker B. Subhash who has also directed Mithun
Chakraborty starrer ‘Disco Dancer’, Neha said, “It was really amazing and it’s
an honour for me to work with such a big director. He has given so many hits.
Every since, I was a child, I used to watch his films like ‘Love Love’ and
‘Adventures of Tarzan’ and I loved all songs of those films. It’s a privilege
and a dream come true moment for me to work with such a big director.”

Neha is not a trained dancer

about various kind of preparation she has done to play her role in the film,
Neha said,

am not a trained dancer but we have been put in training sessions many times.
We are rehearsing various forms of dance like Salsa, Hip-Hop, Classical and
Contemporary so, it’s a mixture of all dance forms.”

Neha is trained by different choreographers

asked Neha whether she is feeling any pressure as her debut film is a remake of
a successful film, she said, “We are trying to make it possible as we are
newcomers so, we will try our best. We have really put our hard work in this
film. We have been trained by different choreographers.”

about shooting schedule of the film, Neha said,

is almost completed and trailer of the film is going to be launched very soon.”

about her other film projects, Neha said, “I have already started shooting for
my South-Indian film opposite Subhash. It is expected to be released this year
and it will be released in Kannada and Tamil language.”

asked Neha which Bollywood actress she looks up to, she said,

am very inspired by Kangana Ranaut. I have read so many things about her. For
me, she is something else. I really admire her and her work. She came all alone
to Mumbai and handled herself so similarly, I want to do the same.”

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