World Peace Council-India condemns Sri Lankan mass murder calls NAM to condemn it

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

New Delhi, 22 April 2019. World Peace Council-India held an
emergency meeting in New Delhi condemning Easter Mass Murder in Sri Lanka where
several hundred persons including Indians were killed in serial bomb blasts and
several hundred injured yesterday. The Non-Aligned Movement-India made a strong
appeal the Indian leadership to hold a meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in
New Delhi condemning this Easter Mass Murder which was planned by some
international-anti human forces in Sri Lanka.

Prof.Bhim Singh, the Executive Chairman of the World Peace Council-India
called on the Indian Prime Minister to take initiative to hold an world  level meeting for ensuring that international
peace is not  threatened by the enemies
of humanity. Prof.Bhim Singh visited Sri Lanka in 1974 on the invitation of the then
Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Srimavo Bandaranaike and allowed Prof.Bhim
Singh the then Executive Chairman of International Legal Aid Committee to
interact with Sri Lankan youth detained in special detention centers. Prof.Bhim
Singh after interacting with several angry youth in Sri Lankan prisons briefed
the then Sri Lankan Prime Minister about what needed to be done. Prof.Bhim
Singh said that Mrs. Bandaranaike accepted several proposals in this regard to
contain the youth movement in Sri Lanka. Prof. Bhim Singh was
also Secretary-General of the Indian Youth Congress those days which was headed
by Late P.R. Dasmunsi.

The Easter Mass Murder yesterday deserves to be condemned by the
entire world that believes in international peace, democracy and rule of law. He
expressed surprise that Indian Prime Minister was talking of nukes while
mentioning about Indo-Pak relations. He suggested the Prime Minister to convene
a meeting of the entire Non-Aligned world, which stands weakened for several
decades. He also made a strong appeal to Big Powers, as, they are called within
the range of the United Nations this day to support the new movement of the
Non-Aligned World for complete disarmament and a check on the use of
ammunitions and guns as it happened yesterday in Sri Lanka.

Prof.Bhim Singh in a strong appeal to the Secretary-General of the
United Nations Mr. Antinio Guettress to convene an urgent meeting to condemn
this kind of bomb blasts which could not have been carried out without an
active involvement of foreign agencies from outside Sri Lanka. The Big Powers
as they are called should also encourage NAM to take initiative for involving
all Non-Aligned Movement countries against such inhuman and murderous bomb
blasts anywhere in the world.

NPP Supremo appealed the Prime Minister of India to hold an urgent meeting of National Integration Council so that entire country and the people of India irrespective of their political affiliation or religious attachment may join together to condemn mass murder attacks as it happened yesterday in Sri Lanka. India has capacity and commitment to revive the peace movement in the world. NPP Supremo appealed to all political parties to condemn this murderous attack and unite for blowing the winds for peace all over the world.

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