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Yogi’s statement is blatantly anti women and therefore deplorable : CORD

Lucknow, 23rd January 2020. Centre for Objective Research and Development (CORD) has condemned UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s statement on Anti CAA protests.

In a joint statement of Chairman Professor Ramesh Dixit and Director of CORD Athar Husain says that

“yesterday’s statement of UP CM is blatantly anti women and therefore deplorable.  We condemn this statement and demand a categorical and unconditional apology from Chief Minister. Our Constitution grants equal rights to men and women but unfortunately CM’s statement makes ridicule of women who are protesting to exercise their democratic right when our CM says “mard khud razai mein hain aur apni aurton ko chaurahe par baitha diya Hai”. This speaks volumes of high disdain by people in power when our CM believes that women cannot protest on their own.

CORD office bearers said,

“His public statement amply demonstrates that Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has little respect for Indian Constitution which gives equal right to both men and women when he speaks such language”.

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