You will no longer be able to Stalk your friend on Instagram, because …


will remove the following tab from the activity feed

will remove its “Follow” tab this week, where users are able to track
“likes” and comments from their friends

New Delhi, 9 October 2019. Facebook-owned
Instagram is preparing to remove the following tabs from its activity feed.
Instagram’s activity feed, a popular medium for sharing photos and videos,
shows which posts are being liked by friends, which posts they are commenting
on and following.

According to
a report by Buzzfeed News on Monday, the tab will be removed from the app with
an update later this week.

According to
Instagram head of product Vishal Shah, the tab has been removed for simplicity.

launched its ‘Follow’ tab as an opening feature in 2011, long before its Explore tab.

Instagram has launched a new mode called Restrict globally. This is helpful in
preventing users from being bullied through offensive posts or abusive

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