Pitch for Padma Award to legal fighter Asha Devi in Nirbhaya Case

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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New Delhi, 21st March 2020 : In an appeal letter to the Prime Minister of India, the Padma has been sought for the legal fighter in the Nirbhaya case.

“I appeal to the Government of India to bestow the Padma Award on Asha Devi, who fought for the delivery of justice in her daughter Nirbhaya’s rape and murder case which took around eight years to send the convicts to the gallows” writes Dr Birbal Jha, chairman of Mithilalok Foundation working for socio-cultural-economic development.

“Remarkably,  the victim’s mother, Asha Devi did not skip even a single date of the legal fight at courts from lower to the apex one, running from pillar to post, reposing her unshaken faith in the Indian judicial system and having extraordinary patience, endurance and serenity. Everybody would agree that she deserves all accolades for her indomitable courage and winning a historic battle for justice not only for the deceased but to the human race” added Dr Birbal Jha, a noted author and social worker.

“Notably, the conscience of the nation was shaken with how the medical student was raped and murdered in a way that anybody would begin to shudder to think of the horrible night of 2012 when the heinous crime was committed on the undisturbing deceased Nirbhaya whose name was posthumously changed” reads his letter addressed to PM.

“Mithilalok Foundation has passed a resolution to confer the ‘Legal Fighter Award’ on the mother of late Nirbhaya to encourage fights against the atrocities and violence committed on humanity, more particularly women on earth” informed Dr Jha, who had earlier taken the initiative to provide the legal aid in the Gurugram School murder case of 2017.

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