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Hastakshep News is a popular English language daily news portal that is E-published from Noida, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in India. Hastakshep news is run by AMALENDU UPADHYAYA It is one of the popular English language daily NEWS PORTAL of Delhi/NCR that has made its presence felt in this region among its esteemed existing and potential readers. In the given society, it comes up with latest news items related to politics, sports, entertainment, health, education, career, fitness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, woman issues, culture, science, art, technology and many more. It is the most sought-after newspaper for local, state, regional, national and international news items. It is backed by a hard-working team of reporters, journalists and editors.

Hastakshep News is the perfect e-news portal to place local and regional advertisements in the open market in order to reach the targeted esteemed customers. It is one of the online news portals that actually satisfies readers with its use of simple language and neat presentation. In society, online e- papers play a crucial role in creating public and social awareness among the readers. In the present scenario, epapers online carry the best news today features and editorials. It comes with a dedicated and committed staff of Journalism with a lot of perfection. It gives good coverage for the latest news update with quality images and photos. Hastakshep understands the pulse of its readers.

Language: English

Editions: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Frequency: Daily News Portal

Price: Free

Country: India

Registration: Not Required

English portal of https://www.hastakshep.com

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