Essential oil-based vapouriser can help in alleviating respiratory distress

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New Delhi, May 02 (Umashankar Mishra): The Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) has launched a scientific knowledge-based essential oil vapouriser concentrate formulation called CIM-RespCool. It could be helpful in the management of respiratory distress caused by environmental containments including viruses, said scientists at CIMAP.

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In addition to sanitizing a specific area, CIM-RespCool also provides pleasant smell. Essential oils like Mentha, Rosemary, and Basil have been used to develop the formulation. The product is safe and can be used in a diffuser (any type) at home, office, hospital, etc.

CIM-RespCool has been launched on this Friday, by Dr. Prabodh K. Trivedi, Director of CSIR-CIMAP. The Lucknow-based CSIR-CIMAP is a frontier plant research laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

The product has been developed by a team of scientists at CSIR-CIMAP, led by Dr. Ajit K. Shasany. This formulation has the ability to to manage not only a broad spectrum of microbes, but also environmental contaminants including viruses.


The formulation has been handed over to Dr. M. L. B. Bhatt, Vice Chancellor, KGM University, Lucknow, by Dr Prabodh K Trivedi for evaluation in the wards.


Essential oils-based formulations are commonly used in aromatherapy. They are either inhaled from a vapouriser/humidifier or rubbed on the skin as a liquid. Most of the available microbial management vapouriser products contain synthetic chemicals and may be allergic to some people and, therefore, cannot be used regularly. However, the acceptance of natural essential oil-based products is quite high as compared to pure molecule-based synthetic products.  (India Science Wire)

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