If you get an option to leave India, with job and other basic facilities, what will you do?

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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A survey was carried out (the result is shown in the above picture). In case one wishes to leave India, what will one do? The options were “Leave India”, “Remain in India” and “Undecided”!

The sample was small, where only 542 voters participated, but it gave an overwhelming vote in support of “Leave India”, more than 70%!

What does it indicate? We may or may not extrapolate it on all over India, and also, if the sample is bigger, may not repeat this outcome, but this shows something loud and clear.

The “nationalism”, even in fascism (A form of social movement, albeit very reactionary, seen in Nazis’ Germany, post-Shah’s Iran or the present India), is not enough carrot to the individual men and women not to look for a better life, maybe out of India.

Further, in the comment section, people have opined that they will not prefer the USA, but yes to Scandinavian countries. Some have agreed to remain in the country and fight back the anti-people government, it’s dictatorship. Despite that, it is evident that people’s first choice is life, a life where employment, housing, medical facilities, leisure time, respect are available, they are against all sorts of injustice, exploitation and discrimination.

Nationalism, personality cultism, identity politics are due to ignorance, superstition and lack of other progressive, creative activities and scientific education. The state and its machineries, like media, social media through paid trolls and lumpen workers & youths, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, and supported by judiciary, police (The incidence of Vikas Dubey is an example), Secret Services, etc.

An ideology, based on science and for people’s struggle for a real democracy (For the people, by the people and of the people) is, seemingly, dead. This is not only in India but the world over. This degeneration accelerated after the demise of USSR in 1991 (Where capitalism was already restored and the USSR was akin to Social Imperialism). New liberalism (After globalization, reform and similar slogans and their economic, political policies failed or had lived their lives.) was enforced in most of the country, under the leadership of USA and its allies, and the people, world over, lost their political and social rights, economic “freedom”. A large section of them were thrown out of the main production circle, and had to join informal sectors at much lower wages and even worse became paupers, where they stopped resembling humans.

In recent times, Neo-Liberalism too has lived its life and the ruling class, the bourgeoisie was forced to find new ways to plunder the working class and the oppressed people, the public property and the natural resources, so that it can continue extracting high rate of profit, which it was unable to do so through the market. Capitalism is forced to face the dreaded tendency of falling profit rate as well as swelling of the reserve army of labour and its resistance, which temporarily looks satisfactory during the boom days or lesser economic crisis days.


So, we have fascism, a form of social movement, where a section of the population becomes close allies of the ruling class for material gains and even, more than that, for reactionary ideologies, very discernible phenomenon in India, since last 6 years.

This trend, fascism, is visible in many other countries, with different characteristics, suiting to their national character, historical cultural and social conditions, economic situation and political preparations of the capitalist class, and other various conditions which correlate with the working-class political training, their trade unions and revolutionary parties preparedness to counter the attack of the enemy class. Fascism uses religion, nationalism, other existing discrimination in the society, which enables it to make the minorities as the sworn enemy of the majority of the society. The sole aim is to plunder the working class and create maximum surplus value and as a collateral damage, the working class is deprived of its unity and resistance power, and is subjugated to the extreme state-sponsored atrocities, which includes imprisonments, murders, mob lynching. The degradation of the living condition is, but, natural.

And, in this condition, if 70% of people opt to migrate to other countries, of course in the hunt for a better life, it is worthy of further inspection. Here lies the task of the revolutionary forces. Yes, the scepticism is natural and genuine. The voters were not the workers and the peasants, whom we witness in daily life, on-road in millions, as we saw them during the lockdown. Also, many of these voters are not in favour of struggle. They are “Chocolate soldiers”, do not mind working for good living, good pay and perks, but no struggle against the class enemy!! Yes, the middle class and the petty-bourgeois class are the most vacillating class in any society, so the outcome has to be treated with caution, not a milestone.


Revolution needs unity and struggle of the working class, peasants and other allies. But it needs a revolutionary party, which has a revolutionary ideology. The proletarian class lacks these “privileges” in the present crisis and hence in such bad condition, is bereft of direction and material support to live. On the other hand, the capitalist class cannot survive without the proletarian class, which creates surplus-value. Despite their dependence on each other, their relationship is that of the two sworn enemies. This irreconcilable contradiction leads to a mass movement, and this must be tapped by the revolutionary party to ensure the successful revolution.

Revolutionary situation is ripening, visible from other surveys, with much bigger samples, which shows how desperate is the mass to get rid of fascism and the ground realities, pouring in every day.  And the crux of the whole analysis is this, prepare to use the forthcoming revolutionary situation.

GP Capt. KK Singh


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