BJP’s Budget 2021 rob the poor and feed the rich

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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Prof. Bhim Singh’s Budget Reaction

New Delhi, February 1, 2021.Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder & Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in brief reaction on BJP’s Budget-2021 described this budget, “rob the poor (farmers, labourers and weaker sections including low paid employees) and feed the rich and capitalist class”.  

Prof.Bhim Singh, three times legislator in J&K called on the working class, farmers and low paid employees about 80% of the total population of India including school going children of the poor as victims of BJP’s budget.

He hoped that the entire opposition shall unite inside and outside the Parliament as well as in the State Legislatures to oppose and depose the BJP rulers in the interest of 80% of the population in India.

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