Kabul attack un-Islamic and heart-wrenching incident: Waseem Reza Kashmiri

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Kashmiri Seminary Scholar anguished over Kabul’s bombastic killings, stressed for universal oneness to eliminate the Takfiris and their workshops

New Delhi, 11th May 2021. Expressing his sheer anguish over the nefarious and unpardonable bomb attack on a functional school in West Kabul, Kashmiri young Iran based Islamic scholar Waseem Reza vehemently and vociferously denounced the handiwork of Islamic antagonistic groups.

In a press release Reza said that “the time seeks the universal oneness to eliminate the Takfiris and their workshops, who with the aim are excelling the nexuses of venomous hate to tarnish the Islamic image by butchering the innocent masses everywhere and in whatsoever ways possible”.

In a statement issued here, the eminent Islamic seminary scholar of Al-Mustafa (Pbuh) International University Iran and Jammu and Kashmir based political analyst Waseem Reza Kashmiri furthermore said that “purple streams of blood will ooze in every Muslim countries until “Takfiri” plots will not be snuffed out from the Muslim geography”.

In connection to give the widen span to terrorism” Takfiris are working dauntlessly to hazard the fibres of Islamic nations which mainly includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Islamic kinship states, Takfiris are running specially designed schools which wholesomely focus to put an erroneous transmission in the mind-sets of youth they are pulling the gen-next from the straightforwardness and are making them instrumental for villainous phenomena calls them to masquerade Jihadists after shunned them from the straight path of real Islam.

These coward masquerade Jihadists then mercilessly go on rampaging the human tolls by blasting the educational and other revere places which according to them is an obligatory deed which otherwise has no room in the religion of our lord Prophet Muhammad Mustafa “SAWW”

Islam is the religion of peace, prosperity and providing guarantee of security to all Muslims as well as others.

An Alumni of Al-Mustafa(S) International University Waseem Reza stated that those involved in these heinous attacks are not humans. Afghan and govts have to take strong steps to eradicate this disease from region permanently. He urged scholars of different schools of thoughts, intellectuals and media houses to play the key role in awakening people about the real teachings of Islam and the evil actions of these terror groups.

Waseem Reza expressed deep sympathy with the families of victims and prayed for the speedy recovery of those who were left wounded by a horrifying bomb attack on a school in Kabul.

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