DMK promises were lies: Justice Katju

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DMK promises were lies

Tamizhans, you have been totally befooled by the DMK and its leader MK Stalin ( whose family, including the Marans,  have amassed a fortune ), and taken for a ride

In their Election Manifesto they made a lot of tall promises, but they were lies.

Consider this :

Promise number 1 : We will abolish NEET test, by passing legislation. On 14.9.2000 Stalin turned up at the monsoon session of the Tamilnadu Assembly wearing a ‘Ban NEET, save students’ face mask, unleashed a diatribe against NEET, and demanding it be scrapped. The DMK youth wing also made a similar demand.

Somersault: The DMK Education and Health Ministers have both said it will continue, and students should prepare for it.

Promise number 2: We will protect farmers interests.

Somersault: Gail pipeline was being laid on farmlands in Kundumaranapalli village in district Krishnagiri, and it was only when I strongly objected that this was stopped ( see my previous post ).

Promise number 3: On 6.5.2020 MK Stalin held a protest outside his house against the then ADMK government’s decision to allow opening of state run liquor outlets.

Somersault: As per lockdown relaxations the DMK govt has announced TASMAC outlets could function between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Promise number 4: We will reduce petrol price by Rs 5 and diesel price by Rs 4 per litre.

Somersault: This was not done. When questioned about it, Finance Minister P. Tiagarajan said ” We cant do it now. We will do it in future ”. One wonders when that future will come.

Promise number 5 : Electricity generation and distribution will be increased to produce uninterrupted supply of power to residential and commercial areas.

Somersault: This has not been done, and there are frequent power cuts, causing great hardships to the people. The Electricity Minister made the facetious statement that this was due to squirrels running between tree branches and power lines.

Promise number 6: Bimonthly electricity bills will be replaced by monthly bills.

Somersault: Bimonthly bills remain. In the last one month 5.4 lac Chennai residents have complained they are receiving exorbitant bills.

Promise number 7 : 3 phase charge of Rs 50 levied with electricity charges will be cancelled

Somersault: Not done.

Promise number 8 : Present method of of bill payment will be replaced by direct payment to EB officials that record electricity readings.

Somersault : Not done

(Justice Markandey Katju’s FB post with courtesy)


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