Holocaust, partition and Bengalis

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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By Palash Biswas

Debashish Majumder has been a doctor in Panihati Hospital. Dr. Jagdish Hakdar was the Superintendent. Both were my friends. Dr Hakdar was instrumental in making a film on Marichjhanpi Genocide. I helped to finalise the English script.

Dr Maninder called me this morning and discussed a lot on our research on the first-person version of the Indian partition Holocaust history.

It is a Prerna Anshu project. We are working daily on this project besides the publication of the magazine and shooting for our YouTube Channel Ansuni Awaz.

Dr Maninder insisted to write the work in Bengali as I have been writing in Bengali also. I told him that more Bengalis live in other states than the population of Bengal who has been ejected out of the history, geography, culture and identity of Bengal, deprived of reading and writing in Bengali. Almost every one of them understands Hindi. Hence, we have to work in Hindi first.

Moreover, the ruling caste and class hegemony politicians did everything to destroy us. They have been instrumental in our continuous persecution and genocide. We survived to inspire having been made fodders of tigers and pandemic infliction just because every community other than Bengali es helped us.

Sikh and Punjabi refugees, even Tamil abb Tibet, Bhutanese refugees got out of the bloody Holocaust all over the geopolitics as they fought with the trust of destiny as communities. Whereas Bengalis as a community never stood with Bengali refugees, specifically politicians and intellectuals.

Every Bengali refugee had to fight for his, her survival alone.

My father and his people united the lot and fought for survival with continuous support and sympathy of other communities countrywide, specifically Hindi speaking North and West India., Which is known as cow belt to Bengalis.

We still enjoy their fraternity, love and support whereas we may not expect any sympathy or support from Bengalis, not even the Bengali refugees settled all over India. Bengalis in Bengal or anywhere settled are blindly divided on the party line and they may not unite for any common cause or agenda, unlike any other community.it is the cause of the demise of their glorious history and culture.

However, Majumder promised to bear the cost of publication of our works in Bengali. We are grateful.


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