How many expenses are incurred on the security of the PM?

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Money spent on the security of VVIPs & VIPs

How many expenses are incurred on the security of the PM, Cabinet ministers, Leader of Opposition & others?

Jammu/Srinagar, July 12, 2021: Prof.Bhim Singh, President, J&K National Panthers Party & Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India has demanded that the Union of India should convey to the media and the general public how much money/expenses are incurred in a year on the security of Prime Minister, his Cabinet Ministers, opposition leaders and others.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi shall direct the Home Ministry to disclose how much money is being spent every month on the security of the VIPs including the Prime Minister, his cabinet, opposition leaders and others who are protected. 

Prof.Bhim Singh who is also a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court & LL.M from London University with distinction hoped that the Prime Minister shall be pleased to direct the Ministry of Home Affairs to convey this message to all citizens of India who are agitated because of the attacks by the hoodlums, thieves and rapists on them and the police not being available in time. People feel it is not the fault of the police but the security system in which police have been engaged to safeguard the VVIPs, VIPs and their associates leaving the general public to hoodlums, thieves and rapists roaming freely in the streets of the country.

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