Sumedha Ramanan - Rising Fashion Star of India

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By Rameez Makhdoomi

Sumedha Ramanan symbolises success and intellect. She is among the rising fashion icons of India.  The youthful energy and talent of Sumedha Ramanan starting from her native place of Bengaluru is making countrywide impacts. She is a fashion designer with a vision.

Sumedha Ramanan is articulate on diverse issues of the fashion world.

On Pandemic Coronavirus that hit the entire globe badly, she believes that while the online sector gained momentum in the second half of the pandemic, only 3% of fashion sales in India happen online and it is important to improve the online representation of Indian retail brands.

Her vision is whether it is Bihar or Karnatka she wants to motivate more youth towards fashion designing, and making a mark.

Sumedha Ramanan is not just designer

She is not just a designer but teaching her art to others and is teaching well known Italian Couture to the unorganised sector and bringing the John Wick Bespoke Suiting experience to users at the comfort of their homes.

Her unique trait is that despite being a woman she loves designing for men because they usually come to her at the very last minute with aggressive deadlines and as a strategy person she enjoys being on toes and enabling quicker deliveries. She has her own company by name of Streetap, we’re they are currently delivering customised tailored suits in four days.

Sumedha Ramanan is a person who is much fascinated with giving a touch of heritage to her fashion design.

She is deeply in awe of the ancient garment designs of India.

Sumedha Ramanan believes that there is so much more to Indian outfits than the saree. Whether it is the silhouettes of old-time garments like the Atamsukh and Angrakha or the non-repeating block printing techniques of Rajasthan, It is my professional opinion that these historic pieces are exceptional and quite unique in comparison to what we wear today.

Sumedha Ramanan states it is a ripe opportunity to stop and just stare at the wonderful carvings on Qutub Minar or the marvellous tessellations on the walls of the Sheesh Mahal and bring our heritage art to what we wear.

She opines that as far as styling is concerned, here’s a little tip – wear monochromes if you’re new to styling and when hanging out with your friends, steal their jacket to up your style quotient!

With her thrust on unique styles of fashion designing and bringing history, heritage and fashion together the young and dynamic personality of Sumedha Ramanan is acting as a trendsetter.

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