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CCL has evolved a creative way to kindle interest in learning science and mathematics via Diwali celebrations

New Delhi, Oct. 19th (India Science Wire): Centre for Creative Learning (CCL) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar has evolved a creative way to kindle interest in learning science and mathematics via Diwali celebrations and decorations. It has launched a unique 20-day online series, ‘CCL D 20’, showcasing 20 spectacular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based Diwali activities, starting from Dussehra.

As part of this ‘Dussehra to Diwali’ series, the CCL team is sharing a new video on its YouTube channel every day to help students and their friends and family members, create twenty unique handmade decorative items from household material and also discuss interesting Science/Maths behind the product.

Participants are learning to make Bindi Art, Paper Rangoli, Mathematical Rangoli, String Art Deepak, Rangoli with Sound, Lotus Lamp, Calendar Lamp, Magical Stereographic Projection, Cuboctahedron Lamp, Great Circle Lamp, Diwali Toran, and so on.

In addition to brightening up festival celebrations, the products also allow participants to understand the Science and Maths behind each activity.

“Each and every activity reflects the team’s passion to take the nation along with them in their journey of Bringing back the Gleam in the eyes. At the heart of each activity lies the spirit and joy of working together during festivals and spending that quality time with family and friends. These activities are a great way to share that time, knowledge and festivities,” says Dr Sarita, a member of the CCL team.

Each YouTube video of the CCL D 20 series contains a design template or related application link and procedure to make the product so that it turns into an effortless and hands-on family activity during the festive times.

 One of the participants shared her feedback online and said, “This is innovative to combine art with Maths. It will also help us avoid plastic.”

This idea of Bindi Art, which converts pixels into Bindi design, is brilliant,” reads the feedback shared by another user.

CCL will provide certificates free of charge for those who submit photographs of all twenty activities by the end of this year. The complete playlist of the ‘CCL D20 Series’ can be accessed at: https://bit.ly/d20playlist .

(India Science Wire)

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