What are the Main Characteristics of a Modern Man?

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What do modern women expect from a Man?

New Deli, 25th October 2022: The most popular qualities that women still appreciate in men are attention and care. Unexpectedly, a sense of humour is in second place. According to a survey by Moscow City University, responsibility and even financial stability are not the main characteristics that modern women expect.

Moscow City University conducted a sociological survey “Modern Men” among students.

Protector, helper, partner and just a friend – these are, according to the survey, the typical roles of an ideal man. Future teachers, philologists and translators (students of these majors participated in the survey) believe that men should have the will, strength of mind, confidence, responsibility and commitment. Young men should not be led, but on the contrary, lead and be good role models.

The most important qualities for a man are attention, care and a sense of humour. Attention and care are indeed the most valuable qualities for a man, says Larisa Ovcharenko, associate professor of general and practical psychology at Moscow City University, PhD in psychology: “Historically, it has been formed that a man serves as a stronger figure. Husband, father, brother take care of the family – this rule has been fixed in the human subconscious for centuries”.

What is important male quality for women?

An important male quality for women is attention. A young man courts a girl, and shows signs of attention. This is how he shows his interest, and determines his intentions.

The fact that a sense of humour came in second place is not surprising. Humour is a complex quality, it includes different characteristics, says psychologist Larisa Ovcharenko: “A sense of humour is associated with a high level of intelligence, the flexibility of mind, and ease of communication. A woman feels safe with a cheerful man. Besides, a man who knows how to joke can have a stable job and income, because he is witty and quick to make decisions – in the current fast-changing world this is important”.

According to the sociological survey of MCU, independence, self-confidence, reliability, responsibility and financial stability are in third place. These qualities are no less important to the beautiful half of humanity, but some of them threaten women: “If we talk about an independent man, it is more difficult to build a relationship with him than with an over-confident man. Many women lose themselves and merge into a man in a relationship, so they need one who will not cheat, not betray and help to solve their problems.

The positive qualities that people look for in each other are formed early in life. Women want to find the ideal man in a life partner, which was for them a caring, attentive, kind, and reliable father in their childhood. The formation of femininity and subsequent expectations of the male sex begins with how the father treats his daughter, and how he shows his love.

Among the most typical negative traits of modern men, MCU students noted greed, jealousy, rudeness and irresponsibility. They especially singled out such a trait as the propensity to lie. The participants in the survey tried to explain it by the fact that men lie because they have to protect themselves from attacks by women. Such qualities may come from an unhealthy relationship with his mother in childhood, Larisa Ovcharenko believes, so at a mature age, it is difficult for them to build healthy harmonious relationships.

What is important In love and any other relationship?

In love and any other relationship, it is important to remember that we are attracted to the qualities that we possess or want to possess and repel those that we do not have or want to eradicate. Therefore, quarrels because someone is not attentive enough, generous and lies a lot is a reason to think about our own character traits.

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