Justice Katju is against "Pathan", not because of the saffron bikini, but...

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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New Delhi, 19th December 2022. Hindutvawadis are loudly opposing Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film Pathan. But Justice Markandeya Katju, a retired judge of the Supreme Court, is also against the film Pathan. However, their opposition is on some other issue.

Justice Katju has given the reason for his protest by writing a short Facebook post.

Justice Katjy wrote –

“I am not a puritan or a prude, but should such a song be shown in a country with such massive poverty, hunger ( India has slipped from being at position number 101 to 107 out of 121 countries surveyed by Global Hunger Index, worse than neighboring countries like, Pakistan, Nepal or Bangladesh ), record unemployment, skyrocketing prices, almost total lack of proper healthcare for our masses, etc ?

hame to loot liya milke ishq walon ne (full song) shahrukh khan ft. deepika padukone

I am not against Pathan because it has Shah Rukh Khan, or because it displays Deepika Padukone in a saffron bikini. I am against it because it is a mockery and a cruel insult to our poor people ?”

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