The low level of intellect of Piers Morgan

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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By Justice Markandey Katju, former Judge, Supreme Court of India

Piers Morgan, the British broadcaster, writer and journalist, recently tweeted :

Very clear now that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle are intent on destroying the Royal Family. You can agree with them or think, as I do, that they are repulsive narcissistic hypocrites, but their agenda is now indisputable & constitutes an existential threat to the British Monarchy.

To which I tweeted in response :

In this modern age why shud Monarchy be preserved? It is a feudal relic & has no place in the modern world. I can’t understand how @piercemorgan, who I imagine is an educated person, is so concerned about a ‘threat’ to British Monarchy ? Educated persons should say that Monarchy should be abolished.

Why should the British taxpayer bear the burden of paying the huge amounts paid to these drones and spongers, the British Royal family ?

I submit that after the Glorious Revolution in England in 1688 which established the principle of parliamentary supremacy there was no need of retaining a monarchy at all, and England should have been declared a republic, as indeed was done under Oliver Cromwell ( who established a Republican Commonwealth ) after execution of King Charles 1 in 1649. Due to their in retaining the monarchy ( even in truncated form ) the British people had to go through more painful and turbulent times and undergo the trauma of being ruled by the mad despotic King George the Third ( from 1760 to 1820 ).

To my mind, the tweet of Piers Morgan not only reveals his low intellect, since he supports Monarchy, which is an outdated feudal institution but also reveals the low intellect of the general public in UK where such a superficial, empty dilettante could be successful.


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