"Upanyaas” a must-watch classic psychological thriller"

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Mumbai, 02nd January 2023 (News Helpline): The film “Upanyaas” made in the difficult circumstances of the covid pandemic is being streamed on MX Player and is being liked by the audience.

What is the story of the film Upanyaas?

The story of the film Upanyaas is based on a pulp fiction writer who while writing one of his books gets so engrossed in it that he starts living the characters and events of his own book.

The story of the film runs in many layers and the gradual unfolding of the layers creates excitement.

The screenplay of the film proves to be successful in keeping the audience hooked. This is a new kind of film in itself, it can be said that it was a bold move by the producer-director.

This film is writer-director Rahul Kumar Shukla’s second film and in this film, his direction has come to the fore very brightly, although in many places the compromises made during the covid pandemic are seen in the film, his direction is seen to be appreciated by the audience and Keeps you hooked to the film till the end.

The director has kept many thrilling subtexts in the film which compels one to watch the film again. At some places the cinematography looks weak, it seems that the compromises in the epidemic have had the biggest impact on the cinematography, yet the tightness of the film’s story does not let it be seen, while excellent cinematography is also seen in most parts of the film.

Nadeem Khan, who appeared in the film Vadh, who is playing the main character of the film, acted well and justified the character, whereas Aditya Lakhia despite having less screen space leaves a very impactful impression.

Saikat Chatterjee is the director’s finest find in the role of publisher. Saikat Chatterjee has portrayed his character Mukherjee on the screen with great authenticity, his acting brings a smile to the face of the audience. Whenever Anurekha Bhagat and Nandlal Singh come on the screen, they easily infuse life into their characters. All the actors have done a good job.

The music of the film is very good and specially BGM GOES has done justice to the film.

This film can be a great weekend watch for you. Must watch “Upanyas” with excellent direction, good acting and a thrilling story till the end on MX Player.

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