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By Justice Markandey Katju

In his article ‘Peace with India is in Pakistan’s national interest’ published in the portal Saad Hafiz writes ”  It is time for Pakistan to recognize reality and give up its futile and sapping rivalry with India. The ball is squarely in Pakistan’s court to dial down tensions. It must take practical steps toward peace with India because the current no-peace-no-war stalemate only hurts Pakistan ”.

I submit that what Saad Hafiz has written is only wishful thinking and moonshine, a pipe dream having nothing to do with reality, and it only reveals his superficial thinking and inanity.

In my opinion, if there is genuine and permanent peace and good relations between India and Pakistan, then Pakistan will cease to exist, and reunite with India. Let me explain.

The truth is that Pakistan is a fake, artificial country, which was created by that historical British swindle called Partition, on the basis of the bogus 2 nation theory, its purpose being to keep Hindus and Muslims fighting each other so that united India does not emerge as a modern industrial giant, like another China, and thus become a big rival to Western industry ( for which it has all the potential ).

What is Pakistan?

It is Punjab, Sind, Balochistan, and KP. These were all part of India from Mughal times. India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) are really one nation, we share the same culture, we look like each other, and in large areas the same language Hindustani is spoken. We are bound to reunite one day, like West and East Germany, but that will take time.

In my article ‘The Truth about Pakistan’ published in the Pakistani newspaper ‘The Nation‘ I have explained in great detail how and why Pakistan was created

The very purpose of creating Pakistan was that there should be no peace, but continuous hostility. In other words, the fire of hostility must be kept burning.

I do not mean to say that there must be continuous warfare, nor do I mean that the ordinary people on both sides are hostile to each other. What I mean is that the states of both India and Pakistan, which are really puppets, will be kept in a perpetual state of hostility by their foreign masters ( the hidden puppeteers ).

Many well-intentioned people, like Saad Hafiz, advocate removal of trade barriers between India and Pakistan. They forget that if trade barriers were lifted there would be integration of the economies of India and Pakistan, and economic integration is a precursor to political integration. For the same reason visa restrictions will not be lifted.

Saad Hafiz obviously does not understand all this, and lives in a world of illusions.


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