Why Justice Katju requested people not to blindly accept what he says

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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One person who met me recently asked me why I thought I knew everything, and others know nothing.

I replied that I was under no such impression. Learning is a continuous process, and I regard myself as a perpetual student. I often learn something from you folks. Sometimes you convince me by your reasoning that some idea of mine is wrong, and I am grateful for that, and then I change my idea.

Sometimes by my own reflection I realise that some idea of mine was wrong. I then do self criticism, and correct that idea.

So one should always be open to criticism and self criticism, otherwise one will stagnate and not progress intellectually.

However, I must add that since the age of about 10 I have been a voracious reader. Day and night I have been reading books, and I had discussions with people intellectually superior to me ( they are all dead now ), who corrected my wrong ideas.

Now at the age of 77 I have amassed a vast amount of knowledge ( though I have yet to acquire more ). All this knowledge I use for helping my country, and I am totally focused on that objective.

But I request people not to blindly accept what I say ( for what I say may be wrong ), and instead carefully examine my ideas. If they find them wrong, they should give their reasons, and if I find their reasoning correct, I will correct my wrong idea, and express my gratitude to them.

Justice Markandey Katju

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