A Fable for our times : Proverbial Fight between Mongoose and Snake gets fiercer.

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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A Fable for our times : Proverbial Fight between Mongoose and Snake gets fiercer.

After the Delhi Govt created a corpus of Rs 50 crores for the Welfare of Delhi lawyers, Arvind Kejriwal became the darling of the common lawyer of Delhi. With elections in Delhi around the corner, making Namo and Tadipar lose their precious nights’ sleep.

They were
looking for an opportunity to get even. The instructions went out to the senior
police officer’s, don’t lose a chance to terrorise lawyers wherever and
whenever. The rest is known.

Point blank
shooting of a lawyer was part of the plan. It was done on instructions of very
high ups. But plans went haywire as the action plan was implemented much in
excess. Thats why senior police officers did not open their mouth before the
High Court.

Thats why
the HM was not traceable and did not react when over 2,000 policemen
unprecedentedly protested against their own high-ups at the ITO Police HQs. The
tables have been turned.

Kejriwal’s poll prospects on account of support of lawyers and unsettling of
law and order in the Capital, appear brighter after Saturday 2nd November,
despite the Godi media’s every attempt to tarnish the lawyer. Without the AAP
leader having to open his mouth. The proverbial fight between the mongoose and
the snake gets fiercer.

Though the
police and the lawyers could have been the complementary arms of a peaceful,
orderly society in the pursuit of the rule of law and social justice.

— by Aurobindo Ghose

Human Rights lawyer


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