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The very finite number of satirical poets in Hindi is sufficient to understand the truth that it is probably very difficult to use the weapon of satire to intelligently point out the evils present around us. Satire is a difficult weapon to be used by poets to threaten those who are responsible for so many imbalances present in Indian society.

Satire, as pointed out in the Oxford University dictionary “is a way of criticizing a person, an idea, an institution in which you use humour to show their faults or weaknesses”. Pramod K. Nayar is of the view that satire is an instrument used by the intellectuals who possess the dexterity of exposing men and things in an artistic manner.

The few mentionable names in this context are Banarsidas Chaturvedi, Surya Kumar Pandey, Shall Ghaturvedi, Parmeshwer Goyal, Kailash Soni, Surendra Sharma, K.P. Saxena and Hari Shanker Parsei.

There are other stages Poets who are writing satirical poetry of an inferior quality not sufficiently Qualified for inclusion. Om Prakash Aditya makes us laugh without giving us a cause to provoke. Pradeep Cahubey is a popular name from the stage but he does not influence us as a literary figure. Then, there is Sampat Saral who is fit for the audience whose chief object is to laurel while sitting on their chairs. Hanuman Prasad Mishra lacks the edge of a blade. There is another popular name of Akhilesh Dwivedi who does not leave any lasting impression on our minds. The observations of all these poets are shallow. They lack that seriousness which is the chief characteristic of satire.

Satire is not a bullet from the gun. It is an arrow of words which go deep into the human mind. A competent satirical poet shows mirror to the society. Satire produces silent humour too but that humour does not make on laugh like schoolchildren; it makes us smile. Makhhan Moradabadi, in my humble view, is a very competent poet of satire. He possesses the qualifications to stay on the ground, unlike no many others Makhhan Moradabadi has been known to me for more than forty years. He has struck me as a profound scholar of Hindi literature both as a professor and social worker. What makes him a successful satirical poet? It is peace of mind which harbours a revolutionary spirit. He does not believe in wounding people, he just pricks through his pretty expressions. He is free from pride and arrogance to which are subjected a large number of poets who have become popular not only because they deserve popularity but also because they know how to manage popularity. His satirical expressions are healthy doses manufactured by his pensive intellect. Unlike others, he does not throw stones with a view to causing injuries. His non-violent approach as a satirical poet compels the audience to relish him, to appreciate him and also to remember him as a genuine poet. If you slap a person without harbouring any hatred, you really know how to be satirical. This requires an exemplary balance of mind which he possesses. Alexander Pope, the 18th-century British poet, was of the view that a writer of  Satires must possess the milk of human kindness. His very popular poem ‘The Rape of the Lock’ is a very beautiful piece of satire’. Makhhan ji also possesses the milk of human kindness.

Exasperation is a great condition to be a poet, more particularly a poet of satire. Makhhan Ji possesses this trait. This feature has made his poetry meaningful. Not exasperation alone, sensitivity is another quality of character is a successful satirical poet. He possesses this quality too. Mahendra Thakur has roughly observed that without sensitivity, one can not be a good poet.

It is despairing for me that Makhhan Ji has published his first collection of poems title ‘Karvahat Mithi Si’ very late only in 2019. The reasons must be known to him but the poems included in the volume are extremely beautiful. These poems are an index of his personality. They are a record of his experiences and observations. They provoke the readers. They present the grim picture of the contemporary Indian society and social system. Poems like ‘Sarkar Banker Aa Rahein Hai’; ‘Emergency’; ‘Mujhe Andha Ho Jana Ckahlye’; ‘Without interview Select Hain’; and ‘Mujhe Paida Hona Hi Hai’ are perfect pieces of meaningful satires.

I am sure, he shall, henceforth, not be slow to bringing out other volumes of his poetry and register again and again his annoyance and dissatisfaction with the existing social order.


लेखक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय ख्याति प्राप्त साहित्यकार हैं। डार्कनेस एट डान ,ए विलिटेड एप्यीरेस, डैप्थ एंड डैस्पेयर समेत दस से अधिक पुस्तकें प्रकाशित।


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