Agitating farmers on Republic Day: Justice Katju slams Dogy media

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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The media spin doctors are again dishing out their dissembling medication

By Justice Markandey Katju

Donald Trump may not have been right in calling the American media as the enemy of the people, but one would not be far off the mark in branding most of the Indian media as enemies of the Indian people, considering its recent record. Lying, fake news, spreading communal hatred, jingoism, and shameless sycophancy of the ruling party are the main characteristics of our largely sold-out media.

Khalistani flag on red fort ?

The latest example of its spin and distortion was about the hoisting of a Sikh flag on Red Fort by the agitating farmers on Republic Day. Such a fuss, hullabaloo and brouhaha was created over this ‘anti-national’ act and ‘insult’ to our national flag that one wondered why heavens did not fall.

I have already expressed my view in my article ‘The truth about the farmers parade and actions on 26th January’ published in that mere hoisting of a flag was a trifle and no big deal, as it does not harm anyone. It pales into insignificance compared to the misdeeds done by our political leaders for decades which have brought the country to the verge of disaster and ruin, but to which our media largely turns a Nelson’s eye.

Nishan sahib flag on red fort | Nishan sahib vs Khalistani flag

However, what was missed in my article, and which I came to know later, was that the flag hoisted on the Red Fort by the farmers was not the Khalistani flag but the Nishan Saheb, which is the Sikh flag found on every Gurdwara in the country. Also, the national flag was not removed but the Nishan Saheb was hoisted on another mast on Red Fort.

These facts were deliberately suppressed/distorted by our ‘godi’ media, which got a handle to shamelessly defame the farmers movement, and portray it as being led by anti nationals and terrorists ( though the truth is that it is creating history, vide my article ‘The historical significance of the farmers agitation’ published in ).

And what was wrong in hoisting the Nishan Saheb on Red Fort ?

Though all farmers in India are supporting the farmers’ agitation, the truth is that the leadership is in fact being given by our brave Sikhs, who undaunted by all odds, unflinching in their determination and resolution, and unperturbed by all the Goebbelsian propaganda against them, seeking to brand them as Khalistanis, Pakistanis, Maoists, and anti-nationals, have for over two months withstood the travails of the cold weather and other difficulties, and suffered all hardships without complaint. So what is wrong in them claiming the credit ?


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