Justice Katju discussed with Dr Hoodbhoy about Imran Khan

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My discussion with Dr Hoodbhoy about Imran Khan

By Justice Markandey Katju

A short while back I sent an email to Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, the eminent Pakistani scientist, saying that I have been supporting Imran Khan because he is bravely leading the democratic forces in Pakistan against the fascist reign of terror which has been unleashed by the Establishment in Pakistan.

He sent this reply :

Dear Justice Katju: Yes, Pakistan has a fascist military establishment but Imran Khan would happily go along with it if it agreed to support him again. At your leisure please read:




IK’s outlook is no less fascistic than that of our generals.


Pervez Hoodbhoy

I then wrote to him that no doubt Imran Khan has made mistakes in the past, for which I too severely criticised him then, but we have to see the present when a tyranny has been imposed in Pakistan, against which Imran Khan is bravely fighting, even when many of his close colleagues in the PTI have deserted him (out of fear or some  inducement ).

Dr Hoodbhoy responded :

The present is no different from the past. I dread IK more than the generals because he is a certified Islamic fanatic whereas there are at least 10-20% sane soldiers.

To this I replied :

What were these 10-20% ‘sane’ soldiers doing when thousands of people were arrested, their houses broken into, women dragged by their hair, people like Imran Riaz Khan ‘disappeared’, court orders flagrantly flouted, and a reign of terror unleashed in Pakistan ?

To this he responded :

Condemnable as these actions of the military are, I will not shed tears for a man who has turned Pakistan’s ordinary schools into madrassas through the Single National Curriculum, supported the TTP, celebrated the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban, and attended rallies of the fanatical Khatm-e-Nabuwat.

I then wrote to him :

I too have condemned this for all this, but can you deny that Imran Khan is basically honest, while the PDM leaders are a gang of dacoits who have looted Pakistan ( as the Panama Papers and other irrefutable evidence discloses ) ? Do you want army rule in Pakistan ? Imran Khan is not inherently an Islamic fanatic, as you contend, but he made compromises for election purposes in 2018 ( which I too say he should not have done ).

But presently he is bravely leading a struggle against widespread violation of human rights in Pakistan.

Please reconsider your view

Justice Katju.

Dr Hoodbhoy has not responded as yet to my last email.


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