Pakistanis, it is time for silent knitting

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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By Justice Markandey Katju

Pakistanis, while the storm outside rages, while thousands have been arrested, beaten, tortrured, ‘disappeared’ or even killed, while the media has been silenced, while military courts have been set up for dispensing kangaroo justice, while all kinds of fascist atrocities are being committed on the people, it is time to silently knit, like Madame Defarge in Dickens’ ‘A Tale of Two Cities‘.

Just as Madame Defarge silently stitched the names of aristocratic tyrants who oppressed the people in her knitting, you too should stitch the names of Gen Munir, the Corps Commanders and other army officers, the police officers and policemen, and the PDM leaders and workers responsible for this reign of terror and outrage.

Later, when the time comes and the storm has blown over, like Madame Defarge, you must open your knitting, and deal with these tyrants, the way the  French aristocrats were dealt with after 1789

Today these oppressors think they have silenced you permanently. But the British thought the same in their American colonies in the 18th century, the Americans thought the same in Vietnam in the 1960s, and the Russians in Afghanistan in 1979-89. But what ultimately happened ?

Pakistanis, today you must only silently knit. But the day will surely come for you to open your knitting. Be patient and wait for that day, like Madame Defarge–but in the meantime continue with your knitting

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