The Pakistan reign of terror is being exported

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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By Justice Markandey Katju

The Pakistan Establishment has unleashed a fascist reign of terror in Pakistan, with thousands being arrested ( often by breaking into houses and dragging people out ), women pulled by their hair, media largely silenced, military courts set up under the Army Act, etc.

But now the Establishment has gone one step forward : it has decided to export the terror to other countries, particularly to America.

This is because the expatriate overseas Pakistanis have been sharply critical of the violation of human rights and suppression of dissent in Pakistan, and have been demonstrating against it.

This is particularly so among the expat Pakistanis living in America, who have held demonstrations against this in many American cities.

The prominent and highly respected Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada, who is a strong supporter of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, and is presently living in America, has said he has received death threats from unknown callers

It is reported that many other expat Pakistanis living in America who have condemned the violation of human rights in their home country have received various kinds of threats.

The Federal investigative Agency of Pakistan has threatened to put the names of the critics of the Pakistan Establishment on the Exit Control List

The twitter handle @PTIOfficialUSA, which is run by expat Pakistanis living in America, has been strongly supporting Imran Khan and condemning the reign of terror in Pakistan. It too has received various kinds of abuses and threats.

It is learnt that the Pakistan Embassy and Consulates in America is working overtime to harrass and intimidate Pakistanis living in America, and a list of about 500 such persons to target has been prepared by it.

After suppressing the soul of 240 million Pakistanis by an unending reign of terror that has seen thousands arrested on flimsy charges, emergence of military courts, emasculation of media and a dysfunctional parliament without opposition, this draconian regime has now extended its dark shadows of fear worldwide.


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