What will be the future of Imran Khan? Know from Justice Katju

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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The future of Imran Khan

By Justice Markandey Katju

I have been supporting Imran Khan as I regard him basically honest, as compared to the PDM who are a gang of thieves ( as Panama Papers etc prove ). However, my wishful thinking should not cloud objective thinking.

Presently the American Establishment is totally hostile to Imran Khan as he has openly accused them of interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs, and the Pakistan army will loyally do the American’s bidding ( as it has done since the creation of Pakistan ).

Hence the Pakistan army is totally hostile to Imran Khan, and stage managed the violence on 9th May ( as evidence has now emerged ) to avoid his winning the impending elections ( which he would have won as he has massive support ). Imran Khan’s colleagues and supporters have been mostly arrested or made to resign from his PTI out of fear of dire consequences, or are underground. The plan of the Pakistan Establishment is to destroy the PTI and Imran Khan, if not physically at least politically.

However, the problem for the Establishment is this : even if Imran Khan is bumped of or sent to a long jail term, his spirit will survive, like Caesar’s spirit after his assassination. He has gripped the minds of the vast majority of the 240 crore Pakistanis, and so the matter will not end there.

An army can fight another army, it cannot fight the masses ( as the  British realized in the American colonies in 1775-1781, the Russians in Afghanistan in 1981-89, and the Americans in Vietnam in 1965-75 ). A tiger can kill a prey, it cannot kill a swarm of mosquitoes.

Soon a resistance will arise against the reign of tyranny unleashed against the people of Pakistan, who are also suffering from the terrible economic crisis in that country, and this is bound to assume an armed form at some stage. The Pakistan generals may not realize it presently, but they will be brought to their senses in course of time.

The American Government too will then realize that making Pakistan a disturbed area and hotbed of insurgency will not be in their best interests.

If Imran Khan survives till then it would be best for the Americans to strike a deal with him and let him come back to power. There is no other way out

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