Why are Pak army generals so hostile to Imran Khan?

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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By Justice Maekandey Katju

I sometimes wondered why the Pakistan army generals are so hostile to Imran Khan ?

The generals have unleashed a reign of terror in Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s house has been raided many times on the flimsy excuse that he is harbouring terrorists, he has been attacked twice, his party leaders are almost all in jail, he was accused of instigating the events of 9th May when he clearly had no hand in them, he was forcibly carried away from the Islamabad High Court by NAB officials ( which was declared illegal by the Pakistan Supreme Court ), mediapersons who have supported him have been ‘disappeared’ or harrassed, instructions have been given that his name should never be mentioned in the media, and now it is proposed to put him up on trial before a military tribunal.

But what did he do to invite such a fierce attack on him ? He never criticised the entire Pakistan army, but has only criticised the army chief, retired army chief Bajwa and some ISI officers

An army spokesman called Imran Khan’s allegation against an ISI officer baseless

Imran Khan has replied to this – “You Were Not Even Born When…”: Imran Khan Slams Pak Army Officer

In my opinion the real reason why the army generals are so hostile to Imran Khan is that they are afraid that if he again becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan he will call upon the serving and retired army generals to account for their loot, and return it. I have given details of their loot in the articles below:

Many of the retired army generals are billionaires, who milked the Pakistan economy.

The ‘Crore Commanders’ of Pakistan army

How come Pakistani military generals are very rich compared to Indian generals?

How corruption shadow looms over Pakistan military

It is evident that the prospect of returning their loot ( and also spending time in jail for this ) is a very unpleasant idea for the serving and retired generals.

This is why they are bent on finishing off Imran Khan, politically or physically.


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