World War II: Not a single bomb was dropped in India, but millions of people died!

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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Not a single bomb was exploded in India during Second World War. Though Japanese fighter planes were seen in the Kolkata sky. But millions died in the great Bengal famine. Not because of shortage of grains but people had to starve as food products and grains were hoarded and there was no public distribution nor price control. Agrarian communities were simply massacred without any weapon of mass destruction. Imperialism was the killer.

The process began yet again with the Ukrain war far away in Europe. As stocks represent global and national economies, the fall of stocks pushes the massacre buttons. As war broke, prices began to rise. Inflation, as well as the budget deficit, go beyond control. Hoarding and black marketing is the scenario as the market and prices of commodities as well as services are decontrolled, privatized and disinvested.

The invasion has begun.  And the reports are sobering all the way.  Russian missiles destroying Ukrainian airbases.  Bombs and blasts were heard throughout the country.  Air raid sirens ringing.  Martial law declared.  Villages seized.  The Ukrainian people — families — fearing for their lives. 

Expanded NATO is all set for third world war as the Warsaw alliance is nonexisting.

India played no role in the first and second world wars. But now India happens to be a strategic partner of the USA as well as NATO. USSR already collapsed and India India has little chance of not being involved in the third world war. It is quite alarming as our economy is linked to the dollar and the oil economy is controlled by America since the oil war.

Oil prices have to be raised which would limit the purchasing capacity of the masses starving for commodities, services, medical care and survival kit.

And as Putin wages war on Ukraine, he’s also issued this warning to the West:

“A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history.”

Let’s pray for the people of Ukraine.  And for this not to escalate into World War III.

Let us pray for us, we the Indian people and the poor across the borders in south Adian geopolitics.

We have to witness mass destruction yet again.

Great mass extinction thus continues.

Palash Biswas


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