Why do Pakistanis need electricity, gas, and oil?

Amalendu Upadhyaya
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 By Justice Markandey Katju

I can't understand why Pakistanis are protesting against exorbitant electricity bills and rise in gas and oil charges ?

After all, Pakistan is an Islamic State, and people living in Madina ki Riyaasat lived without electricity. I cannot imagine the Prophet leading a demonstration of people demanding electricity. So why cannot Pakistanis live using oil lamps in the night, as Arabs did at the time of the Prophet.?

Why do Pakistanis need electricity, gas, and oil

As for rise in gas prices, again I cannot understand what Pakistanis have to complain about.? Were there cooking cylinders at the time of the Prophet, or did people cook food using wood ( or maybe camel dung ) ? Why can't Pakistanis do the same ( except that instead of camel dung they can use donkey dung, as it is reported that the donkey population has increased exponentially in Pakistan ).

Why should Pakistanis use cars,trucks and buses, which require petrol or diesel, for transportation ? Why do they need diesel or electric trains ? They should use camels, as people used at the time of the Prophet.

The camels will also supply milk for drinking,and this should replace cow milk ( as cow is a Hindu animal, and therefore cow milk is haraam, and is only meant for kaafirs ).

Camel dung can be used for cooking, and camel urine can be used as a medicine, as was done for centuries.

And following the example of their great Qaid-e-Azam, Pakistanis should start eating pork, drinking wine ( or was it Scotch whiskey which he partook before dinner ? ), and stop saying namaaz ( which Jinnah never did all his life )

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